60 QC’s have now signed the letter against the pandemic law bill

Here is a link to the letter where 16 QC’s had signed – now 60 have signed

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  1. Victorian Bar president Christopher Blanden QC warns amongst other things, that the new laws will give police power to enter property without a warrant and deny Victorians the right not to self-incriminate. Even trying to legally challenge public health orders made under the new legislation in the Supreme Court will be almost impossible, he warns…

  2. Signatories include: The Hon James Judd QC, Jeff Sher QC, The Hon Neil Brown QC, Andrew J Kirkham AM RFD QC, Ross H Gillies QC, P Gerard Nash QC, Christopher J Canavan QC, Paul Willee RFD QC, George H Golvan QC, John T (Jack) Rush QC, Noel Magee QC, David Shavin QC, Peter J Jopling AM QC, William T Houghton QC, Patrick Tehan OAM QC, Michael W Shand AM QC, Paul A Scanlon QC, Nunzio Lucarelli QC, Jennifer J Batrouney AM QC, Vincent A Morfuni QC, James W S Peters AM QC, Peter W Collinson QC, Christopher J Wren QC, Gavin Silbert QC, Craig W R Harrison QC, David L Brustman QC, Philip D Crutchfield QC, Peter Chadwick QC, Albert Monichino QC, Daryl J Williams AM QC, Georgina L Schoff QC, David J Batt QC, Stuart Wood AM QC, Mark A Robins QC, Michael G Roberts QC, Nicholas D Hopkins QC, Gregory P Harris QC, Roisin N Annesley QC, Robert Hay QC, Jeremy A F Twigg QC, Jonathan P Brett QC, Aine M Magee QC, Chris B O’Grady QC, Gerard D Dalton QC, Michelle Britbart, QC, Daniel D Gurvich QC, Penny A Neskovcin QC, Marcus Clarke QC, Paul J Hayes QC, Michael G R Gronow QC, Suresh Senathirajah QC, Stewart J Maiden QC, Richard P P Dalton QC, Dr Andrew Hanak QC, Anthony T Strahan QC, Cam H Truong QC, Eugene F Wheelahan QC, Matthew N C Harvey QC, Donald J Farrands QC, Julianne E Jaques QC, Darryl J Burneet, Robyn W Sweet and Dimitri Ternovski.

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