84 people locked up in Byron Bay backpackers over 1 case, MP understands they are all ‘fully vaccinated’

The Aquarius Backpackers in the Northern Rivers tourist hotspot has entered a snap, seven-day lockdown after a positive case was detected, with more than 80 guests now unable to leave.

Ballina MP Tamara Smith said there was particular concern due to the surge in visitors to the town for Schoolies.

“The real concern is the contacts of 85 people and how many people they’ve seen,” she told the ABC.

“If that starts to spread out, then that’s very concerning for our little community if we go into a bigger lockdown because everyone’s starting to get back on their feet.”

The vaccination rate in the northern end of NSW has been highly-publicised as it lags in comparison to Sydney and other areas in the state.

The 80.9 per cent of residents aged 16 and above with two vaccine doses is significantly lower than the state average of 92 per cent.

Ms Smith, who has previously said vaccine supply was the main reason inoculation rates were lagging, said it would be “pretty catastrophic” if the virus was to spread further in the community.

The accomodation, which is located in Byron’s town centre, is being guarded by police. 

All the residents are fully vaccinated, Ms Smith understands.

Read more here: https://au.news.yahoo.com/byron-bay-tourists-locked-down-as-backpacker-tests-positive-for-covid-202547905.html

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    1. Yes, fear is the virus but sadly there are still people giving
      into fear. Easy for me to say because I am a senior, don’t have a
      job and don’t have a family to support. So this isn’t a judgment
      against those people but I would like to encourage people to stay
      strong and keep fighting for our freedoms.

  1. And there you have it as per thousands of ethical medical professionals have reported the dangerous covid bioweapon ‘vaccines’ shed and spread -but we all must remember the covid test is ‘faulty/false’. Omg. There are a lot of Nuremberg principles violaters in governments and elsewhere who will pay the price for these treasonous acts against the people.
    This is our home our birthright our country and the global elite Nuremberg principles villagers will not decide who is allowed to be or live or die in our own country. You all must be ready for in house containment.
    You will lose that treasonous war.
    Bring on charges under Nuremberg principles against Australia’s government heads now before our country is in ashes.

  2. The PCR tests are FAKE. There IS no dangerous virus. The MEDIAN age of death from covid, (which is most likely just the flu as NO-one has been able to prove it exists as a live virus), is 86 years old which is three years older than average life expectancy. The genetic bio-weapon falsely labelled a vaccine, WEAKENS one’s immune system so one is MORE likely to die from all manner of ailments !

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