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Monica is still very active and sends emails to this database. Not as regularly but you will be kept in the loop on the most important things. 

You can see what Monica is up to here

If things ‘heat up’ again…be assured that RDA will come back alive!

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An advocacy group and an aspiring media outlet. Read our vision and mission statement here.

We use your submissions to appeal to our elected leaders. We collect your postcode so we can collate the data into electorates and send personalised data to your local MP, lower and upper house.

No. However, RDA will help freedom-focused parties if we can.

We are pro-choice. We are not anti vaccine or pro vaccine.  This means we do not accept any mandatory medical tests, treatments, procedures, surgeries and  vaccines be given to anyone without their express permission. We should all have the choice  to decide for ourselves. We believe this is the fundamental democratic right of every person.

RDA has a zero-tolerance policy to any inclination of violence. We recognise that some individuals within the freedom movement might experience extreme anger at times, but violence is NOT the answer.