A GOOD NEWS STORY – Regarding vaccinations in schools

You can find the template letter HERE

This is the message we got in our inbox

“Hey there. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your resources, specifically the letter to the school re: vax mandates for children. I sent the letter to our School’s Principal, signed by our children (6 & 8). They got back to me today saying that they had to get legal (at the DET) to review it, the response was that the DET advised there is nothing they can do to enforce mandates as they do not want to be sued, following receiving that letter which holds them accountable.

The principal quietly said to me to share this with as many parents as possible as she believes we are doing the right thing to protect our children, and need to help other parents too. She also commended me for being a good dad and for standing up.

This filled my heart with so much happiness to know that our school has the right intentions and that after legal review the DET won’t be enforcing any mandates.

We need parents to know that this works! Thank you and much love to you all!”

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