Tony Abbott defends Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance protesters

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended protesters who stormed Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance to protest against COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the construction industry.

“Now look, I’m not an anti-vaxxer, although I think that people generally speaking have a right not to be vaccinated if that’s their choice,” he told the Institute of Public Affairs Australia’s Heartland podcast.

“Obviously people shouldn’t break the law, but you’ve got people there at the Shrine of Remembrance with flags, with placards, to the best of my observation they were simply there to make a point.

“They weren’t being violent, they weren’t being vandalistic, they weren’t being destructive.”

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  1. Of course, what gets me is these states and the main government know that PEACEFUL assemblies are legal and our right… but they do not care. If they did the police wouldn’t be receiving hostile orders to stop the protesting at all costs. Something else us going on and it’s stinks. Did anyone hear the PM speech about how Australia under his leadership as never better! We are invisible to this establishment.

  2. This has gone past letters & petitions. They’re attempting to kill us & we can’t wait to vote them out ??? Are we really expecting that to happen? This is a worldwide assault on humanity . AND human nature being what it is
    (survival of the fittest etc ) these offenders need to be exterminated as they were in Nuremberg. Be aware that “they” think its too late for us to stop them . Are they right?

  3. Never once agreed with Tony til now…shows it’s best to keep an open mind. The Vic government is a disgrace to politics, human rights and Machiavelli would be whistling Dan the Great. Free speech not on my watch mate.