About Our Founder, Monica Smit

Monica has been on the front line of Australia’s freedom movement since August 2020. She hit the international stage when she spent 22 days in solitary confinement in a high-security prison for promoting anti- lockdown protests. After one year of fighting those charges, they’ve been dropped, and she is free to continue her work.

Our Vision

“A strong, free and independent Australia”

To empower people by creating a collective voice through initiatives and campaigns. Connecting people to other like-minded individuals and groups so we can all prosper locally and nationally by supporting one another no matter what happens.

Our Mission

“To empower and unite Australians in actively maintaining our individual and collective liberty”

To use our collective voice to influence positive change.

Our Values

Honesty – we aim to ensure the information we publish is accurate and truthful.
Integrity – We stand for what is right and just. We believe in being honest, open and fair with everyone. We hold ourselves to the highest of ethical standards.
Impartiality – we advocate for the rights of all people irrespective of their political beliefs.
Inclusiveness – we welcome a wide range of views and opinions. Promoting a culture of support and mutual respect for everyone.
Passion – We are driven by the desire to create positive change to improve the lives of real people.
Commitment – we are 100% dedicated to our mission and are here for the long haul.


An advocacy group aimed at maintaining individual and collective liberty. 

RDA is not racist, it does not support white supremacism, it does not support violence in any form, it is not anti-Semitic, and it is not full of ‘grifters’ (whatever that means). RDA does not assert itself as right-wing at all. We simply believe in individual and collective liberty for all. To find out more, READ THIS ARTICLE

We use your submissions to appeal to our elected leaders. We collect your postcode so we can collate the data into electorates and send personalised data to your local MP, lower and upper house.

No. We will work with anyone aligned with our goal to reignite democracy in Australia. 

We are not anti or pro-vax. We are pro-choice. That means we don’t accept any mandatory medical procedures or services. Bodily freedom means we should all have the choice what we put into or take out of our bodies. We believe this is a fundamental democratic right. For one to make an informed decision, they must be given all the information and risk-assessments. Informed consent in necessary for any medical trials or treatments. 

NFP organisations are very limited in what they can do and are watched closely by regulators. They cannot do any political campaigning. It’s for these reason that we are registered as a PTY LTD. However, we run as a NFP by taking NO profits out of the organisation whatsoever.