Australia’s Activist Children are the Next Apocalypse

The following article from Spectator Australia

Right now, in classrooms around the country, students are being taught that Climate Change equals catastrophe and that the only way to stop it from happening is through Thunberg-esque, sandals-on-the-ground activism. 

Version 9.0 of the National Curriculum, approved by state and federal Education Ministers earlier this year, explicitly encourages students to assume the role of being an activist on Climate Change. 

Year 10 Science students are asked to design a public performance about Climate Change, ‘to encourage people to take specific action’, while Year 9 Civics and Citizenship students are tasked with planning ‘a citizenship campaign on an issue related to sustainability or Climate Change’. 

Plainly, boys and girls aren’t merely taught to grasp a concept, but to preach a progressive perspective. 

It’s even worse here in New South Wales, where the Secretary of the Department of Education, Georgina Harrisson, has tweeted in praise of the ‘incredible work happening in our schools to prepare the next generation of Climate Change leaders’.

On its website, the New South Wales Department of Education makes available a suite of so-called ‘digital learning tools’. One of them is the Minecraft Education Edition, which provides games and interactive modules for students across a slew of subjects. 

Here, you can find the Climate Futures module, which offers teachers a Climate Change Wellbeing Guide to help students ‘navigate the delivery of Climate Change scientific content’. The Guide suggests students may respond to such content by displaying ‘a whole host of difficult emotions, including fear, helplessness, frustration, anger, guilt, grief and confusion’. It recommends teachers ‘acknowledge and discuss avoidance and the bystander effect, as they relate to Climate Change’ and encourages students to ‘take action together with others’. 

Then, there’s the Climate Warriors game, which was launched by NRMA Insurance last year. It asks students as young as seven to fill in the blanks of this statement: ‘Another (blank) degree of warming is predicted to (blank) bushfire risk by (blank) across Australia compared to today.’

Last but not least, over on the taxpayer-funded Adapt New South Wales website, teachers are offered links to online materials, including Monash University’s Climate Classroom. Here, you can find lesson plans, including ‘Cranky Uncle’ which teaches Year 9 English students how to spot ‘climate misinformation […] used by a range of actors to confuse the public in order to stymie effective action on Climate Change’. 

‘Cranky Uncle’ also introduces students to the delightfully named FLICC Framework, which refers to Fake Experts, Logical Fallacies, Impossible Expectations, Conspiracy Theories, and Cherry Picking. Of course, in the eyes of FLICC, there’s no room for dissent; only the most radical of climate warriors can be correct. 

With such materials being pushed in our schools, it is little wonder the national debate about Climate Change is dominated by melodramatic, unscientific language. 

For the same reason, it is entirely unsurprising that a recent University of Bath poll found three in four Young Australians are ‘frightened’ about the future, while around half think Climate Change could threaten family security. Breathless declarations of climate emergency aren’t doing anything to stem the tides or stop the fires, they’re just needlessly scaring children. 

No doubt, parents across New South Wales will be wondering whether Climate Futures, Climate Warriors, and Cranky Uncle is just the tip of the iceberg of the ‘incredible work’ being put in to train a generation of Climate Change leaders. 

Let’s leave activism to the politicians and take climate politics out of the classroom. 

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  1. This is All part of the monstrous World Economic Forum Tyranny with treasonous politicians their lap dogs.
    Who the hell is going to stop these tyrannical treasonous political Tyrants and the WEF WHO UN Big Pharma Big Medicine Big Media Big Tech and all the other Globalists/Elite et al who are salivating at the destruction of our Democracies they have engineered.

    Why and How we must stop the “Vaccine” Mass-Murder. Mikael Nordfors MD

    Dr Mikael Nordfors launches a campaign to Halt The Mass Murder through “covid19 vaccines”.
    Whatever your views on the extent to which this event has been planned, some things are crystal clear:
    -the makers of these gene-based agents know in lurid detail what is happening to those injected with them.
    -the regulatory agencies also know as do selected, senior government figures (I wouldn’t be surprised if very many know nothing at all…I was very disappointed at the intelligence & courage of most of the politicians with whom I’ve interacted in the last 20 months.
    Again, whether you’re now convinced the whole thing is a plan to subjugate the people or happenstance after the arrival of an alleged virus, I urge you to recognise that, planned or not, if we do not throw off & reject completely the falsehood that “VaxPass makes people safer to be”, we condemn ourselves & worse, our children to a future bio-security state which ends human freedoms.
    Defuse the PsyOps-triggered bomb of “mass formation” by taking your courage in your hands & dropping seeds of doubt into conversation with every person still “following the narrative”. Pick absolutely anything which shows what’s happening is irrational & doesn’t serve our interests.
    I ask this of every one of you because the only salvation is that we create a critical fraction of the population everywhere who won’t stand for this any longer.
    I offer for example that even if you play along with the narrative, the apparent infection fatality ratio is not worse than a bad influenza season & less of a threat than bad flu seasons such as 2017, IIRC.
    Please look into the mirror & say something like “I don’t want to live the rest of my life in fear of the next wave of tyrannical government orders. It’s down to me & millions like me to link arms and force these evil control freaks out of the halls of power & I commit to whatever peaceful means are required in order to accomplish that”. If enough people make that commitment, I’m confident we will prevail.
    Best wishes

    Dr Mike Yeadon

  2. The (EXPENSIVE) Brave New World of ‘Clean Energy ‘

    To RDA, The people should be very grateful for your article giving them the truth about this “green energy con” and it must be stopped – it’s absolutely insane how Globalists/corporate masters/ treacherous Politicians have destroyed so much of our world as we once knew it. And through the fraudulent Pandemic Scamdemic the globalists added massive fortunes to their already massive fortunes whilst so many lost Jobs homes lives and The damage and destruction and deaths from the Clot Shot jab injections and no Mandates should ever have been enacted especially so with the entire system corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest.
    In 2021 we all noticed Price rises in everything and I mean everything it’s got to stop !! – food prices, petrol, toxic neurotoxic and carcinogenic fluoridated water supplies already costing the people a fortune !! Both in cost and Harm to Long term health ! shocking and even a council rates rise in July 2021 and now another rise in July 2022.

    The poor homeless people, the rent crisis and the rent increases, the loan interest increase and the destruction of so many small businesses All part of the monstrous Globalist Build Back Better Deadly Con it’s not build back better it’s Globalists/ Elites and Their treacherous treasonous political accomplices/ Totalitarian Lunatics Regimes taking control of OUR WORLD.
    The World Economic Forum / Globalists/ WHO et al have Infiltrated most Democratic Countries’ Parliaments and this has to be addressed before full throttle Totalitarianism is here permanently.
    As well as the Covid Plandemic Scamdemic corona virus is the common cold, they will like in America interfere with food supply, surprise they’re already doing this too.
    Electricity prices Up and the mob we’re with killed our pensioner discount. They continue over time to keep reducing the feed in tariff and in 2028 I believe it is ALL feed in tariffs will be killed.
    GREEN ENERGY is another globalist scam which is going to cost the population so much.
    This is all part of the global total takeover of democratic countries by globalists/ World Economic Forum / World Health Organisation / UN et al and the treacherous treasonous politicians who are salivating at their Tyrannical Power.
    Only the people globally can stop this happening to arise in peace and love for what once was our beautiful free countries.
    I am confident that there is a lot of wonderful honorable Law Enforcement Officers who don’t like what’s been happening and they and their children and grandchildren and so on and extended families and friends, surely also would not want to live under Tyrannical Government Totalitarian Regimes controlling EVERY Aspect of our what will be totally miserable lives.
    We want our democratic country back, our full freedoms rights and choices and to live our lives in peace love honour kindness respect for everyone and everything and do not allow the destruction of it.


    Germany went All in on Green Energy. Now its Economy is on the brink of Collapse




    Malcolm Roberts One Nation – Climate Fraud

    How Stupid is Australia !? While many nations are re-opening from ‘lockdown’ and building new coalfired power stations, Australia, with one of the world’s richest mineral supplies, remains shackled AND

    shutting down ALL coal plants to ‘save the planet.’ Who is to blame? Corrupt politicians or the stupid

    people who vote for them

    Number of operational coal power plants worldwide as of January 2022, by country/territory

    According to Australia’s Prime Minister Mr. Anthony Albanese – even though the sun doesn’t shine at night as we all know, he says your solar Panels will charge your vehicle for free overnight.

    Comment >

    Stop Global Deforestation and keep planting countless amounts of trees globally continually.

    The (EXPENSIVE) Brave New World of ‘Clean Energy ‘

    Lauren Moret: Global Nuclear Cover Up

    The Dangers of Nuclear Power – Dr Helen Caldicott

    Australians whilst the Corporate Governments distracted you with Russia the Australian Government reveal that 9 IN 10 COVID DEATHS WERE VACCINATED

    The War of Inversion: An All – Out Assault against Humanity

    What Was Covid Really About? Triggering A Multi-Trillion Dollar Global Debt Crisis.”Ramping up an Imperialist Strategy”?

    Covid, Capitalism, Friedrich Engels and Boris Johnson


    The Medical Profession is being bought by the Pharmaceutical Industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research.

    The Academic Institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the Pharmaceutical Industry. I think it’s disgraceful.

    Arnold Seymour Relman (1923-2014) Harvard Professor of Medicine and Former Editor in Chief of the NEJM

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