Why Won’t They Admit Failure?

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It seems strange that one of the world’s richest men would feel the need for a book tour to boost sales. But that is what Bill Gates is doing, granting a series of interviews with deferential journalists. 

The thesis of his book and his interviews is that we should have locked down harder, sooner, and more precisely. Plus the vaccines need to be better next time. 

But make no mistake: in his view, there is no overall failure in the whole theory of pandemic control they deployed two years ago. That is sound. To be sure, mistakes were made but we can only learn from them, which is why public health agencies need more resources, more intelligence, more power, more deference. 

In this interview, Bill grants that he did not know the demographics of risk of the pathogen, even though the whole world knew in late January. 

And in this interview, he grants that there was no chance for eradication of covid, and also that “young people don’t sick very often,” which makes one wonder about the reasons for the extended lockdowns, from which the poor suffered most. He has regrets but hey, who doesn’t? 


His theme is the same as we are hearing all over the planet. Yes, it could have been done better but the people who did this to us have only learned from their errors and they will do better next time. 

Even on vaccines, Bill is somehow sure that the next time, the vaccine will stop infection and spread, will be one dose, and probably won’t be an injection, as if these are points no one could have hope for in this round, and as if this is all just a matter of funding more R&D. Just like Windows Millennium Edition, it will get better. 

Again, the theory is right and so is the method. They just need another chance! 

Think for a moment of other failed experiments in human history. One that comes to mind is the Bolshevik Revolution. Its leader, Vladimir Lenin, never really expected to take power, much less be put in charge of implementing the system he had spent a career promoting. He was asked in his writings to speak to what communism would mean. He answered (in 1917) that it is not really an issue: just make the whole economy work like the post office. 

After taking power, confiscating privately owned shops and land, nationalizing industry, setting prices by dictate, everything fell apart very rapidly. Energy supplies collapsed and food shortages were everything. The failure was obvious to the whole population because people were starving. 

Lenin went back to the canonical texts and noticed that Karl Marx had said that communism only comes after the stage of history of industrialization. Russia was mostly an agricultural economy. He said then that the answer was obvious. He had to make electrification a reality for all Russians. Then communism would work. 

So in December 1920, he gave a speech in which he said “Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.” That of course didn’t work either, so the next year he pushed the New Economic Policy – the end of lockdowns, so to speak. Markets were newly tolerated and the war on property mostly stopped and the economy revived. This happened over the following 6 years, after which Stalin came to power and discovered that “Soviet power” was even more important than Lenin though. 

Power over normalcy: that was the choice made by the party. They never admitted error. It would be many decades until Stalinism was finally repudiated and long after that before the failure in total would be largely granted, though even to this day, a vast number of Russians truly regret the dialing back of the empire in 1989 and following. Putin himself recalls the glory of the Soviet past.

It’s always the same with these people: the theory of despotic rule is fine; it’s just the implementation that has to be tweaked. 

The issue of failing plans from elites has vexed rulers from time immemorial. We live in such times today, arguably on a larger global basis than ever. They said they would suppress a virus but everyone got it anyway. They said they would print and spend their way out of the lockdown recession but now we have inflation plus recession. They said they would minimize the social and economic carnage but it is everywhere. 

No one has taken responsibility. No one has admitted error. Or more precisely, what people like Bill Gates say now is that their theory was fine and their plans were brilliant, but there were periodic missteps in judgment owing to a lack of information, but keep trusting them because they will get better at this. Just wait and see. 

At least we aren’t going the way of China. Xi Jinping announced to the party congress over the weekend that he will tolerate no dissent against the zero Covid ideal. The pathogen will be crushed everywhere it appears. China now (if you can believe the official data) has one of the lowest rates of infection of anywhere in the world. That means that another billion or so people still will get it, and that means rolling lockdowns for the duration. 

If this really happens, the great promise of this great country will be torn down by the arrogance and crankishness of one single dictator. That’s a tremendous tragedy, one that will have a profoundly negative impact on the global economy for many years to come. 

Meanwhile, it’s become infuriating to see mainstream news sources talk about the unfolding disasters all around us and pretend like no one could have anticipated this. The latest is the New York Times. 

Across the country, hospital emergency departments have become boarding wards for teenagers who pose too great a risk to themselves or others to go home. They have nowhere else to go; even as the crisis has intensified, the medical system has failed to keep up, and options for inpatient and intensive outpatient psychiatric treatment have eroded sharply….

Nationally, the number of residential treatment facilities for people under the age of 18 fell to 592 in 2020 from 848 in 2012, a 30 percent decline, according to the most recent federal government survey.The decline is partly a result of well-intentioned policy changes that did not foresee a surge in mental-health cases. Social-distancing rules and labor shortages during the pandemic have eliminated additional treatment centers and beds, experts say.

It’s also almost difficult to keep up with the ongoing disasters taking place these days. Let’s talk about the impending shortage in electricity, the stuff we are all supposed to be using as a replacement for fossil fuels in the brave new world being created for us by our lords and masters. 


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