Adverse Confessions – More Health Services, Government Bodies & MPs admit large amounts of reactions are not being reported

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. The problem of either not reporting or the outright denial of serious adverse effects has been with us ever since these experimental drugs were introduced! Initially and very reluctantly a few blood clotting cases were admitted to have happened followed by some cases of myocarditis or perecardities, due to the introduction of the Pfizer poison.
    Truth is that there are literally hundreds of thousands such cases being reported around the globe. We know that here in Australia the TGA’s internal report admits to 500 death and in excess of 46000 serious adverse effects.(tip of the iceberg I bet!) The sad and disgusting truth is neither the majority of GP’s and hospital staff are allowed to talk about these cases if they do not want to be either deregistered or sacked by the powers to be! Politicicians (liberals, Labor and the greens in particular), including the mainstream media amongst many other authorities classify these facts as “covid misinformation” and blatent lies. People reporting their own experince with such debilitating events are being ostracised and labelled as ant-vaxxers! I could go on but sufficient to say all of this is part of a CONSPIRACY without any doubt!
    As to the WHY this is happening?
    Please try to work it out for yourself!

  2. Thanks. Unless people hear about this they will keep getting the jab. I am just amazed at how many people are absolutely fine after two jabs. I just don’t get it.

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