Adverse Reaction Victims TELL ALL #1

SHARE SHARE SHARE these stories as much as you can. Hopefully, parents become curious enough to do a bit of research before vaccinating their children with a vaccine that hasn’t finished its trial phase yet!

Jodie talks us through her reasons for getting vaccinated, what her adverse reactions were and how she was treated by the medical industry, and her colleagues.

We have 3 more interviews like this to share with you over the coming days.

We are collecting adverse reaction stories, learn more here

Thank you to all the brave people sharing their painful stories with us. I believe it is critical we share these stories as much as possible to raise awareness and have their voices heard. Why are the mainstream media ignoring these real stories? It’s criminal!


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  1. I am shocked and stunned by Jodie’s testimonial! What happened to clinical prudence? I would think this is cut and dried. How could anyone in their right mind expose this woman to more damage? I am disgusted – shaking my head thinking “NO way!” surely!?

    1. Even when the trials are over we have to understand that they are not being conducted with a proper placebo group and that adverse effects are being systematically concealed. I’ll not be having any of the mRNA vaccines under any circumstances.
      Andrew Kinsella MBBS (retired GP)

  2. This can only be described as gross clinical irresponsibility on the part of the doctors who refuse to declare her unfit for further vaccines, and gross moral irresponsibility on the part of the bureaucrats imposing this system upon Australians. It is time we all stood up and fought for clinical propriety.
    Andrew Kinsella MBBS

  3. We know now it is not about health or health wellbeing, but the dire and evil agenda to do harm. Doctors are no longer doctors as a safety barrier, but conspirators and accomplices for not calling this death wish matter out and what it is by keeping silent. Those that do this are agents of genocide, not real medical healers as they wish to think that they are, but a complete lie now by their actions or should I say, none actions sentencing people basically to death.