Adverse Reaction Victims TELL ALL #4

Steph bravely shares her Adverse Reaction Story.

 You can see the first three stories here;

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  1. Thank you Steph for your courage in coping with your adverse reaction and sharing your experience with us. I’m so sorry to hear what you went through. You’re so clearly a truthful witness and a lovely human being. Your family is lucky to have you. I wish you all the best.

  2. Hi Steph, thanks for providing your detailed account. I thought you were very articulate and you obviously wear your heart on your sleeve, so don’t think your not good with words. 2 of my adult kids have felt forced to be vaccinated, luckily no issues so far. But the 3rd one who is trying not to get vaccinated told me tonight she thinks she has to. I’m really worried for her as she has health problems as it is. I would love to know what the list of supplements you listed. Thanks again for your bravery. So glad you found an angel.

  3. Thanks for your story Steph.
    Just wondering a few things, you said you had a metallic taste in your mouth, was this immediately after the injection and do you know whether the person administering the jab aspirated the injection site for blood before pushing the plunger in?

  4. Steph is very brave & to be congratulated for speaking out. Her story further highlights how compromised and corrupt our medical system has become. We do not have a health system, our government is running a sickness system based primarily on increasing revenue for Big Pharma. “Do No Harm” is long gone & the crimes against humanity committed under the guise of C19 have served to destroy faith in the in health system. Using fear, propaganda, coercion, censorship & bullying, the government has corrupted the following;
    1. Our bodily autonomy
    2. The doctor patient relationship
    3. The employer employee relationship
    4. The business customer relationship
    5. The teacher pupil relationship
    Now they are working on corrupting the parent child relationship, encouraging 12 year old children to go against their parents wishes, by taking a medical procedure without parental permission. .
    These actions are immoral, unethical and highly illegal. The people perpetrating these crimes must be held to account and judged for the harm they have inflicted.

  5. I think IGA and all others food shops and everywhere else doing this with mandates and vaccine passports are going to be in Very serious trouble especially the political and medical tyrants Who have led this totalitarianism. The work done by Dr Reiner fuellmich The Corona Investigative committee is going well see interview on website see her interview with Dr Reiner fuellmich 7 January 2022 here

    And see UK Doctor

    UK Doctor covid 19 vaccine program will be stopped soon due health risks but doctors in Australia are threatened to be deregistered if they act in the absolute best interest of or warn patients. See article below.

    AHPRA malfeasant, arrogant, complacent | Medical Error Action Group
    MEAG May 3, 2018

    Australia’s own medical regulator AHPRA — Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. A regulator that can’t even regulate itself.

    The true meaning of malfeasance is AHPRA — corrupt to the core | devious and inept | runs amok with power and self-importance | answerable to no one | operates in clandestine | lying is its modus operandi | run by staff sacked from Health Departments…

    AHPRA has not got a clue what investigation means. Evidence and facts? They don’t worry about that. They manufacture it and stick to it. Woe betide challenging it.

    Just take a look at the AHPRA state and territory branches and who they are run by. Yes, the old heads of state medical boards. They just slithered into positions with the new national medical board for further self-aggrandizement and same old misinformation and obfuscation aka cover-ups continue. A medical mafia.

    The old saying: Fish rots from the head down. AHPRA CEO is ex-FED Department of Health and ex-NHS. This is why AHPRA is as it is. Would not have a clue what safety and quality is for there is no safety and there is no quality when it comes to AHPRA.

    Hundreds of emails daily fill our inbox of AHPRA’s malfeasance from people across the nation who don’t know each other but they’re all saying the same thing. AHPRA is inept beyond belief.

    What is AHPRA for if it cannot investigate and regulate? Why aren’t bad apples weeded out? From AHPRA’s ranks as well.

    Nothing short of a royal commission is needed to look into AHPRA’s misconduct. You think the banks are bad? AHPRA is worse, truly.

    Labour Health Minister D’Ath warned by Senior doctor to look for another job.
    The other huge worry is that the medical profession is not allowed to question any of your decisions for fear of being deregistered by AHPRA.
    You have produced 0 percent herd immunity and 100 percent herd insanity.
    Dr Simon Stilgoe Brisbane.