Adverse reaction stories – Let’s get the media’s attention

RDA is putting a call out for anyone who has had an adverse reaction directly from the Covid-19 vaccines to participate in a letter-writing campaign. We’ve identified some journalists who seem to be at least empathetic to our side of the story. We hope they see your stories and their conscience compels them to share the truth.   

As we know, the sheer number of adverse reactions are being disregarded, misrepresented and covered up by everyone from Government to Media. Both Government and Media are complicit and have shown they will go to great lengths to continue to push the Government narrative “vaccines are safe and effective”.  

We want you to write a personal letter outlining the effect of taking this experimental injection has had on your health and life.  

We have listed the names and contact details of 6 media personalities below, as well as the address for RDA HQ. 

  • James Macpherson – The Spectator – IPG PO Box 393, Belmont, WA 6984, Australia 
  • Corey Bernadi- Sky News- Locked Bag 918, North Sydney, NSW 2059 
  • Rebecca Weiser – The Spectator – IPG PO Box 393, Belmont, WA 6984, Australia 
  • Sam Waterson – The Australian – GPO Box 4245 Sydney NSW 2001 
  • Sue Dunlevy – The Australian – GPO Box 4245 Sydney NSW 2001 
  • Melissa Cuningham – The Age – Media House, 655 Collins Street Docklands VIC 3008 


  1. Compose a letter– tell your story in your own words. Speak about what lead you to taking the vaccine. Was it voluntary, or did you feel pressured or coerced into taking it? What is the affect this has had on your life, how it has impacted your health, family, finances ect. You can include photos if you like and you can hand write the letter, or type it, but please make sure it is addressed directly to each media personality and not a generic letter. 
  1. Post the letter– post your letter to the 4 separate media personalities listed above and ensure the envelope is addressed to them personally also. 
  1. Submit a copy of your letter to RDA ( We want these stories to be heard, and if all else fails and the media representatives don’t acknowledge them, we would like to.  This will also allow us to keep a record of how many of the letters were sent to the media in case they disregard them. 

Thank you, for telling your story and not allowing your experience to be in vain. We will continue to put your voice on a platform until its heard. 

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