Severe Alliance backlash…

I want to make one thing very clear, we are not trolls.

We are trying to save lives! The vaccine is still in the experimental phase and we’re concerned for those who might have it due to coercion and manipulation. Every Human being deserves to be fully informed.

Someone has to sift through these comments and emails. Maybe we can save their life! The ultimate hope is for the company to change their mind and make a public statement to announce that.

Alliance have closed down their main Facebook page but guess what, we found another one…


Otherwise, the best course of action now is to EMAIL THEM.

EMAIL THEM HERE – If you’re extra eager, there are 5 other email addresses on their contact us page HERE

If you haven’t contacted SPC already, you can HERE

Sign this petition as well. We will send them the numbers in a few days like we did with SPC HERE

Boycott Alliance Airlines until they lift mandatory vaccines for their employees forever.

“So far just two Australian companies – regional air carrier Alliance Airlines and canning company SPC – have declared they will make a COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for their workers. The reason so few have declared such intentions is because the law isn’t on the employer’s side. There are only limited circumstances where workplace vaccine mandates are likely to be found lawful.“ Sign this petition to boycott Alliance Airlines until they rescind mandating the COVID-19 experimental injection.

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1,727 signatures = 86% of goal

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