MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT – An easy guide on how to vote

RDA will be continuously updating you with tips and info on the upcoming federal election, you’ll be able to find them all on this new page. VOTING TIPS

General tips

  • Do not do a postal vote if you can avoid it. Instructions on how to cancel your postal vote request CLICK HERE
  • Use a PEN!
  • Take a video and/or photo of your completed ballot paper. If there is any proof of voter rigging or misconduct, this could come in handy.

House of representatives

  • Number EVERY BOX or your vote won’t count
  • Do not use ticks or crosses, you must use numbers.
  • 1 is your preferred candidate, the highest number is your least preferred candidate.
  • If you hand in a blank or wrong ballot paper, your vote will be invalid, and you’ll miss your chance to have a say in our next federal government.


If you’re voting for a party, you will be voting ABOVE THE LINE

  • You must number at least six boxes above the line for the parties or groups of your choice
  • Place a 1 in the box above the party or group that is your first choice, the number 2 in the box above the party or group that is your second choice and so on until you have numbered at least six boxes above the line.
  • You can continue to place numbers in the order of your choice in as many boxes above the line as you like.

If you are voting for an independent candidate, you will be voting BELOW THE LINE.

  • Number at least 12 boxes below the line for individual candidates of your choice.
  • Place a 1 in the box beside the candidate that is your first choice, and the numbers 2, 3, 4 and so on to at least the number 12.
  • You can continue to place numbers in the order of your choice in as many boxes below the line as you like.
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  1. Sorry to be a pain, but shouldn’t it be the ‘highest’ number in the House of Reps dot point:

    “1 is your preferred candidate, the lowest number is your least preferred candidate.”

  2. Senate instructions should be updated urgently. Voters who want their vote to have maximum effect must number every, that’s EVERY, box above the line as follows: Start with a 1 for you favourite minor party; continue numbering all the good AND MEDIOCRE minors; then Lib/Lab/Grn, then any parties you think are worse. This applies even if you think a major party is better than some of the mediocre minors. This strategy has the highest chance of electing the best of the minors, but if that doesn’t happen, your vote is 100% available to help the major party you prefer rather than leaving the away open for parties you don’t like winning Senators 5 and 6 in your State.

  3. OOPS not finished: In Senate voting, if you don’t number ALL the boxes Above The Line (ATL), that benefits big parties rather than small parties. It’s similar with voting Below The Line (BTL), but it’s worse: marking 12 boxes BTL is VERY likely to give you worse results than voting 1-6 ATL. For a BTL vote to be better than an ATL vote, you have to number EVERY box AND you must preference all the candidates in your preference order regardless of their party affiliations, AND you are convinced that the less than 1% of BTL votes will be significant to make a real difference; AND that you make no mistakes.

  4. Topher Field’s video on preferential voting is excellent, it is a must watch.
    Also, attention to so called “Independent” Voices should be emphasized, as they are Green/Labor in disguise .

  5. […] Australia votes on the 21st of May. Australians have a chance to get rid of the corrupt  and criminals politicians who have transformed their nation into a concentration camp for the last two years, working on behalf of globalists and foreign agendas. […]