Monica interviews legendary Basketball superstar Andrew Bogut

Where have the sports stars and celebrities been during the COVID crisis?

They’ve been taking money to peddle the same narrative as the mainstream media and corrupt politicians.

But NOT Andrew Bogut! He’s a legend on the court and in life.

You’ll wanna hear what he has to say.

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  1. Great interview! I’m a fan of Bogut and it was great listening to a pro athlete give us an insight into what goes on with officials and the sports teams when it comes to this whole Covid thing.

  2. I am deeply saddened and concerned for their long term health of course – we have done all the investigations and research – the government and their interests have suppressed / censored all opposing views and hijacked the internet with paid fact checkers from big pharma et al – corrupt to the bloody core.
    These lovely people are extremely popular and influencers and probably fear standing up and saying no to the dangerous experimental injection – (yes the world were the lab rats or beagles in the case of Fauci which he used in his cruel and inhuman experiments )- and fear that they will be torn apart by the vaccine extremists.
    What a tragic world we are in at this time when mainstream medicine, big pharmaceutical corporations and mainstream media et al run the governments > and here we are in this fight of our lives for our health rights, civil rights, human rights and freedoms. Crazy ! but if the world unites, we can take them down.

    Aussie celebrities who have received the COVID-19 vaccine
    Household names have done their bit to protect the community. – by Faye Couros
    26 JUL, 2021
    Despite the government copping flack for its bungled COVID-19 vaccine rollout, dozens of celebrities have come forward to get their jab in recent months.

    1. Talking about paid fact checkers, isn’t it interesting that the no. of “infections”
      in Victoria have been yo-yoing for quite a while now and still deaths. They think
      we are all idiots. With nos. still about 1000, Andrews would have put us back into
      lockdown, but instead he has opened up to the vaxed, so what is really going on?

      1. And the Andrews Government and all State and Federal Governments and the USA et al and the MASSIVE partnering/memberships/revolving corporate doors with governments with pharmaceutical industries and medicine – it’s a deadly partnership – corruption and conflicts of interest ? they’re drowning in it ! and we the population are the victims of tyranny – we have to smash them all.
        It is absolutely criminal and they mandate medical treatment/VACCINES ! where is the corruption and conflicts of interest ‘fact checkers’ ?