Step 1.
Download the app –

Step 2.
Allow access to ‘your contacts’ and ‘to make and manage calls’

Step 3.
Press Dismiss to get to the next step

Step 4.
A window will pop up saying you have to set the app as your default messaging app in order to use it. Do that. After you send the mass text from this app, change the default messaging app back by going to SETTINGS > APPS > MESSAGES > SET AS DEFAULT

Step 4.
Create a group, then give it a name.

Step 5.
Click on the top circle to add all your contacts OR select the ones you want in the group.

Step 6.
When you’re on the homepage of the app, click the little contact icon in the top right-hand corner, select ‘phonebook’ and then select the group you’ve just made.

And that’s it, happy texting 🙂

This is the message I sent.

Hello. It’s Monica Smit here. This is a mass message. Please forgive me if this doesn’t apply to you, or if you disagree with it.
We may not have spoken for many years, but the Australian federal election is around the corner and I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out because this election is SO IMPORTANT. The major parties (Labor, Liberals, Nationals, Greens) have ruined our beautiful country, especially over the last two years.
We have a chance to VOTE THEM OUT and give minor parties and independents a chance to do a better job.
If you’re interested in finding out how to MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT, there are how-to-vote cards for every single electorate in Australia. Just search for your electorate, and you can use that –
If you agree we should vote the major parties out, copy and paste this to your friends who might be interested in doing the same. You can use the same software I just used to create this message by following these instructions –
Thanks for taking the time to read this 🙂

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