Another Bill Dan Andrews is trying to sneak through

There’s more to Daniel Andrews social engineering plans than the pandemic bill

Daniel Andrews is not a state premier so much as he is an engineer – a social engineer who is using the office of premier to impose his worldview on a depressed and dispirited populace.

While punch-drunk Victorians are still getting their heads around the controversial Pandemic Management Bill, which is currently before Victoria’s Upper House, Dictator Dan is already salivating over his next assault on their freedoms.

In the lead up to Christmas — Daniel Andrews has nothing if not a superb sense of timing — the state parliament is expected to vote on legislation that will severely curtail the religious freedom of Victorians.

And why not? What else is a tyrant to do when he has already locked citizens in their homes, shot at them with rubber bullets, fined their children for not wearing masks and expanded his powers to the point where even Xi Jinping would blush? 

The proposed Equal Opportunity Act (Religious Exemptions) Bill will rob religious organisations of the right to manage their activities according to their faith and conscience. In other words, it will neuter them.

Its impact is best explained and illustrated by looking at schools.

 Demographics have given Danandrewstan a thriving non-government school sector. There are the grand old private schools that retain some form of religious affiliation, their Catholic cousins, the low-fee Christian and Catholic schools across the suburbs and regional growth areas and well-established Jewish and Islamic schools.

Up until now, all of these schools have been free to employ staff they believe will best uphold their values and ethos.

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