Another Pandemic to Come?

Since March 2020, the lives of billions of people changed and not at all for the better. Financial ruin. Separation from family, friends, and co-workers. Loss of loved ones to COVID-19 or suicide. Incredible levels of stress, anxiety, agoraphobia, and self-harm. These are but a few examples of how we suffered for fifteen plus months and counting.

But what if the COVID-19 pandemic is only the beginning? What if something far more ominous is right around the corner, ready to disrupt our lives in totally new and horrifying ways?
No, I’m not referring to the Delta variant. But to the long-term consequences of mass vaccination against COVID-19. Let’s consider the three possibilities below:

1) Infertility:
Pfizer data (obtained via Dr. Byram Bridle’s FOIA request and analysed by PANDA) reveals high concentrations of lipid nanoparticles in the ovaries of vaccinees. This data (represented in the bio-distribution graph below) hints at long term negative effects on reproductive health. One possibility is infertility on a global scale.

2) Mass Unemployment:
On the back of an unusual number of pilot deaths and one passing out on the runway, a U.S. recruitment executive has stated (in a video published on TikTok) that the oil and gas industry is currently planning to replace their vaccinated employees within the next three years. That’s huge! Global industries are now planning for a future pandemic of permanent disability, illness, and death.

3) Burden on Healthcare Systems:
Mass infertility and disability will overwhelm our healthcare system. But what if we add to the mix, widespread development of serious diseases like cancer? In the bio-distribution graph above, we see a concentration of lipid nanoparticles in the bone marrow of the vaccinated. How will the healthcare system cope if millions of people develop leukaemia? Moreover, what if we don’t have a healthcare system because frontline workers are being forced to accept the jab? We’ve already lost thousands of nurses and doctors to death and permanent disability, and we’re not even a year into the vaccination program.

According to the data, COVID-19 may be only the beginning of a much larger global health crisis. Infertility, disability, disease, and death could affect millions of those vaccinated within the coming years. Mass unemployment; a burden on (or a wiping out of) our healthcare system; and a steep decline in population growth are just some of the potential knock-on effects awaiting us.
Buckle up, world. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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