Another Senator is withholding his vote in the Senate

Australians are being coerced into taking COVID vaccinations against their will and will soon be compelled to produce documentation to prove vaccination status using so called “vaccine passports.”

This week I have indicated my intention to follow the lead of Senator Gerard Rennick and withhold my vote in the Senate until Australians are given protection from discrimination based upon their vaccine status and personal choice to refuse a vaccine.

Australians deserve the freedom to choose their own medical treatment and way of life.

It is not reasonable for Australians to be discriminated against based on their decision to submit (or otherwise) to a medical procedure.

We must say NO to vaccine discrimination.

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  1. “Australians deserve the freedom to choose their own medical treatment and way of life.”
    Well said senator, as a user of cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD I could not agree more. 

  2. Guys! I posted for the first time ever the other day.. I’m not one to post..! I don’t have FB, I don’t have Tw!tter I’m not that way inclined, but I’m telling you now, these senators who are coming out now (and I get it, better late than never right..??) these scumbags are still representing one nation and liberal!! (and I’ve voted for both One Nation and liberal before depending on the election..) This is the beginning of an election campaign that is going to suck all you hard working well meaning (as we all are) DESPERATE beautiful souls back into supporting them..! Don’t fall for it!!
    Monica, I would never criticise you mate, I think you’re our Joan of Arc and I love and support you 100% but please see what they are trying to do..

    As I said before, at any stage, any one of these members could have made a song and dance about this! Any one of them could have broken the silence about censorship and lack of media coverage of the truth..!!
    I’m telling you guys.. every politician is guilty of selling us out!! It’s not a matter of weeding the good ones out and supporting them, we need to wipe the slate clean from top to bottom and reclaim OUR COUNTRY!!

    1. Thank you for your advice Pantha. I absolutely will bear it in mind. I do have faith in Craig Kelly however, he proved himself long ago.

      1. Yes Patricia, I have no qualms with Craig Kelly, I guess I don’t contemplate Craig when making political statements.. Craig has been with us the whole way coping more ridicule and criticism than anyone.. I’m talking about anyone coming out of the woodwork in recent months..

    2. About time! they were cowards and kept their heads down to avoid attacks from the MSM which is sort of understandable
      But they have lifted the game and are now doing what they were paid to do so we must support them

      Graig and George off course have been on the front line from day one and will be treated kindly by history

      So by supporting the newly converted it may encourage more to come forward

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