Are you feeling like this too?

I must reiterate that I will never give up. I am just opening up to you in case it helps someone feel not so alone.

We will keep going, we will keep trying our best…no matter what!

Keep those networks open, and keep your community close…we will need them again!

We are being tested right now…we need to have faith and keep doing the right things everyday and just know that we are preparing for something that we don’t even know yet.

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. Hey Monica, thanks for sharing, we would not be human if we did not experience at least some of what you are feeling. I just want you to know you have inspired me, and I thought is was already inspired and aware. People have fought for freedom throughout history, and will need to continue to do so. The machine and corporate manipulation continues when people do nothing. Know what you have done Monica is truely remarkable. The freedom family love you, and thank you. Many of us have been doing the global walkout steps before they were announced, but most are not. I know as I have been sharing this, people are waking up everywhere, and this is empowering people to take back the control of their lives. Nothing has been wasted. The global walkout steps are helping those that are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, are helping those that are waking up, are helping those who are already standing up. This is great stuff and as we keep sharing lives are changing for the better. Many will keep watching the news and remain oblivious to what is happening. That’s ok too as it take all kinds to make our world what it is today. You can be sure that millions are being empowered to freedom and that’s a good thing.
    I will never stop plugging people into the global walkout steps and RDA material, a saying I have “ some will, some won’t, so what?” It’s all about choice, those that wake up and embrace this information will see this, and their lives and the lives of those they love will be changed forever. It’s a journey, and once you are on the path you just keep going, and enjoying the wins and triumphs along the way, overcoming the obstacles as they present themselves, keeping the goal in sight.

  2. I watched this on youtube and there were 1400 comments (Sunday night).All were behind Monica and all showed a great awareness of what is happening behind the scenes.

    Many comments were from a spiritual perspective and many used the expression ” the calm before the storm”,showing that Monica has been sucessful in waking people.

    It is indeed hard to wake more people at the moment. 12 to 18 months ago the problems were blatantly obvious ….. lockdowns, destroyed buisnesses, people unuble to work, police overkill ect ect.

    Now we have vague invisible enemies……the amount of co2 in the air, decisions made in secretive organizations on the other side of the world such as WEF ,IMF ,WHO ,BIS,who controlall the worlds media and information.

    We can’t give up now, those against us can only operate in our ignorance and apathy. When enough are awake we can say NO and its over for them. Their financial system is on the verge of imploding. What it is replaced with depends on whether they can keep us ignorant or the critical mass awakens.

    The best place I have found to get a description of the state of the financial world is on the youtube channel of MICHAEL COWAN.

    1. I wish I could help Nov 26th,but I live in WA. Maybe I could ring the AEC and tell them I’m with the Labor Party and they will send me a huge box full of postal votes.