ATAGI expands guidance on acute major medical conditions that warrant a temporary medical exemption relevant for COVID-19 vaccines

ATAGI Expanded guidance on temporary medical exemptions for COVID-19 vaccines

The below guidance is prepared to support completion of the Australian Immunisation Register immunisation medical exemption (IM011) form, Guidelines for immunisation medical exemption.

This advice covers those for whom an exemption can be provided and does not cover clinical management of adverse events. For the management of adverse events refer to your local Specialist Immunisation Service.


COVID-19 vaccines have been demonstrated to be safety and effective and as such are recommended for all Australians from 12 years of age. There are very few situations where a vaccine is contraindicated and as such, medical exemption is expected to be rarely required.

Temporary exemptions

Vaccinations may reasonably be temporarily deferred for individuals with some acute major medical conditions (e.g. undergoing major surgery or hospital admission for a serious illness). Typically, these are time-limited conditions (or the medical treatment for them is time limited) and therefore temporary exemptions are considered appropriate. These exemptions are only to be given where a suitable alternative COVID-19 vaccine is not readily available for the individual; all COVID-19 brands must be selected on the medical exemption (IM011) form.

  • For an mRNA COVID-19 vaccines this includes: Inflammatory cardiac illness within the past 6 months, e.g., myocarditis, pericarditis, endocarditis; acute rheumatic fever or acute rheumatic heart disease (i.e., with active myocardial inflammation); or acute decompensated heart failure
  • For all COVID-19 vaccines: ATAGI recommends that vaccination can be deferred in those with PCR- confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection until complete recovery from the acute illness (which may be up to 6 months), regardless of disease severity. Chronic symptoms following COVID-19 (“Long COVID”) is not a contraindication to COVID-19 vaccines, but does warrant a clinical discussion with the patient.
  • For all COVID-19 vaccines: Serious adverse event attributed to a previous dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and without another cause identified.

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  1. “For all COVID-19 vaccines: ATAGI recommends that vaccination can be deferred in those with PCR- confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection until complete recovery from the acute illness (which may be up to 6 months), regardless of disease severity”

    How can we possibly have any faith in the ATAGI or trust anything that they have to say or recommend when they are clearly ignoring natural immunity after having covid

  2. That ‘exemption’ avenue is void of any meaning. I thought it had been widely known for many months that doctors are not allowed to order tests of antibodies [‘confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection’) – that is, to see if you’re immune, as is readily available for things like measles etc. They face a very heavy fine if they do so.

  3. The exemption are non existent with AHPRA gag order in place, even if you get bad reaction this reported referred to a specialist it doesn’t mean it will get one even you do have bad side effects!!!

    Head of TGA is part of AHPRA….that why they won’t give out so easy!!!

  4. Currently nursing my adult daughter mother of 4 who suffered a stroke and sustained neurological damage from Moderna . She is slowly regaining health. She had to fight for a vac exemption for herself after she was told by doctors to proceed with a second vaccination. !! They don’t know how long or if if she will recover .
    She will need daily Occupational therapy .
    Hospital have written the report to say she had a preexisting condition but there is no evidence of this.
    In the same week my friends daughter fell similarly to Pfizer .
    They too are struggling to get it reported.Nurses who looked after both my daughter and her friend said “off the record “to go to TGA directly., .That they were often witnessing weasel words being put together about vaccine reactions so that it can evade statistics .
    I am not necessarily condoning anti vaccination but am asking the government. Please don’t lie to us about statistics!!! My daughter was a healthy young woman .
    She now cannot work or drive.
    PLEASE BLOW WHISTLE!!! Everybody !!!
    Medical authorities are not reporting correctly . This is no conspiracy theory … it is our life .

  5. My resoluteness has turned to despair. The Unaustralian governments State and Federal that are dictating our futures are doing so with impunity ( against all morality and commonsense and the freedoms of our supposed Australian Constitution ). It is completely unacceptable to force this experimental vaccine upon us. My children have had to succumb to this tyranny with the coercion of losing their income and their God given rights of being born in Australia. They know its not right, now they know they have no rights. I too am now going to accept this fact, sad, upset and in despair, I’m going to join my children and have the injection with them, I was willing to fight to stop this insanity, but my personal reason for fighting at this end of the battle of the has all but been extinguished. I hope the fight for retribution and when the truth comes out will be more easily empowering for the, as up to now, hoodwinked population.

  6. Why does anyone need a “temporary exemption” from participation in a medical experiment?

    Australia’s lip service to International Treaties is evidently nothing more than lip service. Human Rights do not apply in Australia.