O Melbourne, Where Art Thou?

As an Aussie expatriate from Melbourne, I’d hear frequent jokes about Victoria Premier Dan Andrews and his obsession with lockdowns. Mostly because Andrews has had six of them. But lately, no one is finding the humor in them anymore. After watching a live-streamed protest held at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, I saw why

That particular protest consisted of construction workers, trade union members, and the general public decrying the excessive vaccination mandates/lockdown lunacy. It’s been compounded by the state of emergency the premier announced in March 2021 that was later extended nine months until NYE. Live-streaming coverage conducted by Melbourne independent media via Real Rukshan and Rebel News has been invaluable for showing the unbiased truth.

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    1. My daughter was given the ultimatum, she said with a few adjustments
      she could work from home. No, they wouldn’t do this. She is now on
      long service leave but she has decided not to go back because of the
      way she was treated, at times aggressively at times. Within 24 hours
      she was offered another job, working from home.

  1. My family and I volunteer at St Vinnies, we are all very actively involved in serving the poor. We were advised by head office that, unless we get the jab we were not able to serve the most vunerable in our community. My husband, son and myself having been volunteers for 8 years. It’s so sad to have to stop doing something we all enjoy.

      1. I m going to church on suday and saying the rosary out the front of the church
        they want to seperate the vaced and the up vaced on the book in

    1. My sister was vounteer at oakleigh st Vinnies she will not be going back not retired for 6 months she
      may not have income after this