Australia Post corporate employees exempt from mandate due to “commonwealth status”

Advocate Me Serene Teffaha writes about the letter “Certain people being exempt for nothing more than a title or category creates direct discrimination if the logic is in fact about safety! Loopholes are not available when your rhetoric is about emergencies unless your emergency is a figment of a disturbed imagination”

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  1. I would be hopeful that all these backflips on a mandatory jab for commonwealth employees proves that the jab doesn’t do the job, and surely gives the lawyers fighting our class actions a new argument.  As in, what on earth is the difference between us and them?

  2. I am appalled by Gov department’s not being force vaccinated to keep their jobs, now Aust post, Court officials, MP’s, why it this allowed, are they any more special than others who deal with people everyday? Our premier applied a list to mandate almost everyone, how many would have said no, this is clearly coercion. People risking their lives with no data to prove long term effects is bat s*** crazy.
    All over the world we are hearing people dying or getting really sick from the jabo, isn’t this enough to ride the wave to say “no”.
    I really feel for Australians that have rolled up their sleeves and surrendered their lives to the government to earn an income.
    2000 cases a day with high vaccination rates pffff….. just a joke.
    Keep fighting for your rights and let’s beat this communist behaviour and get back to the democratic life we are all proud of.