Australian Firefighters Alliance – Fighting vaccine mandates

Australians love, respect, and honor firefighters…we need them! Surely people will listen to what they have to say.

RDA are in touch with them and will help them promote any campaigns or initiatives they create.


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  1. International hackers must have some dirt on our politicians and are blackmailing them, no politician in their right mind will punish firefighters just before the fire season.

    Our firefighters are not fu*ken gunnie pigs!

  2. I wonder what would happen if prioritising burning buildings became a thing…would one put out a fire at Parliament House?….🤮

  3. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you our wonderful and courageous saviours ! The political and medical terrorism in Australia must be stopped ! They are lunatics and have just about completed their task of totally destroying our democracy ! We must all Australians unite and blowback with a vengeance !!

  4. What a joke! Firefighters went through literal hellfire last season and they put their lives on the line to help people! So what better way to repay them for decades of service to the community than to stand them down because they won’t do as they’re told and get the jab. 🙄🙄 Pathetic! Our government has failed us!
    If they Are stood down, I hope all those politicians who are mandating them go into bushfire country and see what it’s like to do a Firie’s job.

  5. Nothing to do with hackers Black Swan- it’s because our ‘elected’ officials have signed our country up to the most egregious and one sided contracts in history and are now being forced to deliver what they promised. The contracts with the UN and other globalist groups are bad enough but the ones signed with big pharma last year take the cake. As collateral they put up our public assets, lands and utilities and in some instances even our military bases as collateral (WION ran the story awhile back). IN ADDITION to that if anyone decides to sue big pharma for damages our own government- using our tax money- has to defend them in court! They do not care what we the people think or say. The veil has dropped and now we see them operating as the ‘governmental services corporation’ (listed on the stock exchange no less) they have legally been since 1960. Mass non compliance making the country ungovernable is our only remedy. Stop the mandates, vote them out. Check out your local Common Law Assembly and get involved.