Australian made t-shirts finally in stock


Finally, we’ve made it affordable enough to purchase 100% Australian Made t-shirts. The quality is far superior and it’s so great to be able to support Australian businesses.

We’ve trying a more simple design for those who don’t like the protest slogans. Some RDA family members have said they won’t wear protest shirts, so we’ve come up with this design for you. You can wear the flame with pride without drawing unnecessary attention.

Of course the price to make these are higher, hence why the price is also higher.

Please be aware ALL profits go back into RDA and help to support the 10 staff and various projects we’re working on.

When you buy anything from RDA, you are also financially supporting our organisation and allowing us to continue our work.

Consider these purchases a form of donation but at least you get something in return for it.

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  1. that the shirts are aussie made is good, that they are watered down to a pissy little logo is fucked, get black shirts with BIG IN YOUR FACE LOGOS, THIS IS NOT A TIME TO  BE NICE  WAKE THE FUCK UP

  2. Apology for the language used by bungarra1. I tend to agree with the sentiment though… graphic art is not great (understatement) and pricing is ridiculous. Its merchandise guys. We donate to you (without merch purchases) because we believe in you and the cause. The merch that we bought was not up to scratch. Charge regular margin for good merch and continue to appeal for support for donation. You are doing an amazing job but stay focused and don’t blurr the lines. Just create merch that everyone wants and ask a reasonable price for it? It will go a lot harder and you’ll get more support at all ends…. make sense.

Thank you for supporting us!

Thank you for supporting the work that RDA does. You can support our work further by volunteering with us.