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The past two years have seen the trust many Australians’ have in their institutions brought to an all-time low through a period of relentless incursions into their lives and liberty. In many instances, these intrusions were cruel and unnecessary, and failed to address the concerns of Australians who valued the fast-evaporating tenet of freedom of choice.

In March 2020, ‘two weeks to slow the spread’ quickly turned into two years of Covid paralysis in which we were told to accept QR codes, density limits, border restrictions and a loss of medical autonomy as the ‘new normal’.

After initially being sold as ‘voluntary’ the Covid vaccines quickly became a prerequisite for work in many professions across the country, a move that cost livelihoods, devastated families, and undermined trust in governments and the medical establishment.

Australians became cautious of a failure to safeguard us from these draconian measures. We were told to comply and Covid would be over quickly, but the goal-posts continued to shift.

Now with the dust settling, Australians will soon be told to trust their institutions once again with the introduction of the so-called ‘Trusted Digital Identity Bill’.

The concept of a ‘digital identity’ is more complex than it would first appear, but essentially describes a centralised, government-managed identity verification system which draws from a range of information collected by government services, social media, and corporate economic data.

In short, what is being proposed is a Bill which has the potential to be misused in ways that could fundamentally change the structure of Australian society by giving government extraordinary access to private and personal information.

The Bill seeks to consolidate all the information that a government could possibly attain about private citizens into one database. It strives to place government at the centre of all our online transactions providing an opportunity to collect vast amounts of data about people.

As initially drafted, the Bill contains assurances that this new ‘digital identity system’ will be voluntary and safe but, after what Australians have been through over the past two years, one can understand a healthy dose of cynicism about such overtures. Why would anyone trust any institution with a complete profile of their being including such information as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs or affiliations and sexual orientation (to name but a few).

In truth what is being proposed may well represent the foundation of a virtual social credit system with government collecting unprecedented amounts of personal information in exchange for access to online services.

There are proposed carve-outs for essential service providers (defined as emergency services, carriage services, welfare services and the supply of electricity, gas, and water) from requiring the use of this system. However, what is to prevent the government changing its policy due to a perceived ‘emergency’, in years to come?

The Covid experience shows quite clearly how an ‘emergency’ can be weaponised against fairness and due process. It is not difficult to envisage how such a system could be abused or gradually morph into something even more dangerous if this digital identity profile becomes required for every important online transaction.

It would be a simple task to keep tabs on groups of people or even deny services to them based on, for example, vaccination status or political beliefs. The most authoritarian regimes in history could not have dreamed of having access to such vast amounts of information about their citizens.

The rationale for this new framework is proposed on the grounds of convenience and safety, with the Bill stating its intention as ‘to provide individuals with a simple and convenient method for verifying their identity in online transactions with government and businesses’. It sounds a lot like code for liberty being sacrificed at the altar of convenience. It does not however seem convenient, necessary, or helpful for Australian citizens who desire less government intrusion in their lives.

Why, after everything that Australians have been through over the past two years, should they believe that this data will not be used against them, or that it will remain voluntary?

Equally, having all of one’s private data in one location makes the system a prime target for hackers, whether they be foreign threats or cyber-criminals. If this system were compromised (which it almost certainly will be) the outcomes will be disastrous.

We know that the concept of a centralised framework for digital identity is a significant hobby-horse of the bureaucratic elites of the World Economic Forum yet what is unclear is whether anyone ever asked their local MP for a system allowing government to keep tabs on them? With everything Australians have been through over the past two years, it’s little wonder there are growing concerns that this proposal will simply pump the tyres of the ever-expanding bureaucratic, and corporate classes. The Australian Parliament’s efforts must always be geared towards serving the interests of this nation, not those of the overseas elites and their hedge fund-managing mates.

The term ‘Orwellian’ speaks to a state of existence in which our actions are constantly monitored, where those who contradict the prevailing orthodoxy can be penalised, and in which personal liberty and independent thought are severely restricted. This Bill has the real potential to take Australia further along the authoritarian path we have so effortlessly ventured down in recent times.

Your digital future and that of your children and grandchildren are about to be played out in Parliament. It’s time for you to have your say in relation to whether you want to be watched in every aspect of your digital life. I most certainly do not.

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  1. There is no doubt that we are on the precipice of Total Tyranny/Government Totalitarian Regimes controlling everything and everyone forever IF THE PEOPLE DON’T STOP THESE power crazed lawless brutal Lunatics in power who will have every aspect of our lives under Total Digital Control/Digital Identity/Digital Prison. !!
    You all had your chance at the Federal Elections to vote in the Freedom Parties to reclaim all our civil rights medical rights and freedoms ALL rights and freedoms Human Rights and our full Democratic Rights and Freedoms and Choices, but you failed to do so -and many voted the LNP, ALP and Greens Tyrants in !!!!
    What the hell did you think was going to happen if you didn’t vote for freedom parties ?!?! We all tried everything to warn you what was going to happen after over two years of hell under State and Federal Governments Tyranny !!

    Aren’t the Governments’ Police Forces who brutalized innocent populations already suffering so much and protesting against vile Tyranny and the people’s rights not to be injected with anything or medically treated for anything against their will going to feel overwhelmed with guilt when they finally wake up to what they have been doing to their own people and I would have expected every single police officer and all others to do independent unbiased research and not just believe the governments Narrative.
    The fact that governments globally hijacked the entire internet to spew the only narrative allowed should have been the only RED FLAG they needed.
    I hope that now All police officers realise their dangerous and lethal errors of judgement and stand up with the people for the people and not on the side of corrupted and treasonous governments.

    BRISBANE Vaccine Carnage in the Emergency Room, an ER Nurse Speaks out

    When private citizens have to do the job of the media confirms that the mainstream media empires are totally corrupted with extensive conflicts of interest.

    Widespread censorship and banning of the truth by Tyrant Politicians and their globalist accomplices et al should be a criminal offence, absolutely terrifying to know that this is what our corrupted polluted world has become.

    **** Companies illegally back filling Risk Assessments to justify Jab Mandates ****.
    This is huge. Any company that has mandated the jab for employees without doing a safety risk assessment has broken the law. This includes universities.

    **** In addition, remember Professor of Law, Mr Augusto Zimmerman has previously stated that the Government actions are unlawful. ****

    Dr Robert Young – Covid Jabs/Vaxxines – Clots Nanowires Parasites Symplasts of Graphene in vaxxinated-unvaxxinated blood

    The covid plandemic Con the most destructive and damaging and lethal global political and medical and Globalist WEF WHO UN et al con ever staged, All about Global Totalitarian Control over all Populations absolutely not about health IT NEVER will be. THE people of the WORLD HAVE BEEN PLAYED and they are running out of time to stop All these political et al Psychopaths and their evil agenda for Totalitarianism. WEF gave Infiltrated most countries parliaments. The clueless members of the population keep complying and dragging us all down with them and the WEF mobster Zuckerberg and the other platforms and mainstream media empires corrupted vermin keep blocking truth from being told. Something has got to give for All these disgusting Vermin to be stopped and punished for all their actions and crimes against innocent populations.
    Corona virus Con the Common Cold and the dangerous uninformed people of the world who keep complying continue to drag us towards full throttle Global Totalitarianism – they better get informed by all the Truth Tellers quick smart. > See this >>

    The common cold is a virally related syndrome and has been associated with over 100 different viruses, including Human Coronavirus and Rhinovirus. Common symptoms include throat discomfort , followed by sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing and decreased energy level. Fever is uncommon with colds, except in young children.

    ** I posted this article “How the Covid Vaccines damage the body” on Farcebook and promptly got banned for yet another month. I have been on severe restricted postings since November 2021.

    Mr Farcebook is also a member of the notorious Democracy Destroying World Economic Forum who insanely are lusting for total global control working with Tyrannical and Treasonous Politicians and the World Health Organisation, UN and other Globalists who are in ecstasy with their unbridled power, money and control and taking control over global populations. **
    How The Covid Vaccines damage the body

    Previously in 2019 Zuckerberg stated >
    3 December 2019 – Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has defended the company’s decision to not take down political advertising that contains false information – and compared the alternative to censorship.
    Challenged on CBS over the policy, which has raised concerns over misinformation campaigns that could distort elections, Zuckerberg refused to commit to any changes. ZUCKERBERG stated. >>
    ###########!!!!!! “What I believe is that in a democracy, it’s really important that people can see for themselves what politicians are saying, so they can make their own judgments,” he said.
    “And, you know, I don’t think that a private company should be censoring politicians or news.” ########## Indeed Mr Zuckerberg. !!!!!!
    From October 18, 2019 – ######## Mark Zuckerberg just slammed China for allegedly censoring Hong Kong protest videos on TikTok: ‘Is that the internet we want?’ ######## Indeed Mr Zuckerberg !!!!!! Then Why did you become one of the most vile Actors on Social Media Platforms; Censoring, Restricting, Banning, Blocking and/or shutting down Individual and Groups Facebook Pages !!!! Is this because you are a member of the Monstrous Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum / Globalists, who along with the WHO and others have orchestrated this entire plandemic scamdemic Con to take Totalitarian control over global Governments and their populations. !!!!

    ADC The Australian Arm of the World Economic Forum – How to murder Democracy should be the Mantra of these Mobsters.

    NB CORRUPTION/CONFLICTS OF INTEREST – More stench than a Parliamentary Sewer Pit
    Information Paper – link hereunder > see Corruption/Conflicts of Interest items all through this Information Paper.
    Note >> From Page 40 Why You are not getting truth from Mainstream Media Empires
    Page 51 Censorship of Academic Research – A Critical Analysis of Australian Government’s rationale for its
    Vaccination Policy – Dr. Judy Wilyman – University of Wollongong – A Disgusting, Relentless and Abusive
    Campaign against Dr. Judy Wilyman to stop her.
    Page 52 International Medical Council on Vaccination
    Page 29 Information – The Truth on the Flu Vaccines/vaccinations – Absolutely ATROCIOUS DAMAGE/SIDE EFFECTS
    Also, please in particular, see the information on Victorian Government > Revolving Doors > Big Ties >Big Pharma > Big Medicine et al but as stated, the entire system is corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest – please look all through this Information Paper for Corruption/Conflicts and I have only scratched the surface herein !

    More on corruption here >
    Aussie Black Hats exposed being tied up with Big Pharma and just about every corrupt done deal

    The Huge Inflation We’re Facing is Due to the Insatiable Greed of Blackrock and Vanguard

    Blackrock and vanguard own Big Media Big Pharma and Security Enforcement Companies

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