Australia’s COVID case fatality rate in %

Notes:  The data below is generally current as at 4 November 2021 however there may be some minor discrepancies due to jurisdictional reporting methods and timeframes etc. A key source of information for this article is the Australian Government Department of Health Coronavirus (COVID-19) case numbers and statistics website, which is updated daily and presents the statistics as a snapshot at a particular point in time. Information from this source used in this article was taken from 4 November 2021. For comparison purposes some reported and referenced raw data has been extrapolated to calculate averages and percentages.

Setting the scene

  • Australia has a population of approximately 25,780,000
  • The average life expectancy in Australia is 82.8
  • Covid-19 arrived in Australia in early 2020 and we have now had more than 18 months of first-hand insight into its health effects and impact on the hospital system. 
  • The vast majority of Covid-19 cases recover from the disease without clinical intervention. 

Demographics and mortality risk of Covid-19 in Australia

The average age of death from Covid-19 in Australia (you would think an important statistic to identify which categories are at greater risk of mortality) is almost impossible to find and is not published by the Federal or State Governments as part of their routine reporting. However, it has previously been reported as approximately 85. The median age at death from Covid-19 in Australia is approximately 84

The official Federal Government Covid-19 statistics current as at 4 November 2021 show: 

  • The overall case fatality rate (CFR) for Covid-19 in Australia is approximately 1.01% (1,781 deaths out of 175,813 cases) This is less than the CFR in other developed countries including the USA, UK, France and Spain. 
  • The vast majority (78.91%) of people diagnosed with Covid-19 in Australia are under 50 but they account for only 3.43% of all Covid-19 deaths. The CFR for Covid-19 in Australians aged under 50 is 0.04% (or 61 out of approximately 137,311).  
  • Out of the more than 23,000 cases in people aged under 10 there have been no deaths recorded. 
  • The under 20 age group accounts for more than a quarter (28.35%) of all cases. This age group has a CFR of 0.004%. 
  • The under 30 age group accounts for almost half (48.94%) of all cases but only 0.62% of all Covid-19 related deaths. This age group has a CFR of 0.01%. 
  • The under 40 age group accounts for 66.51% of all cases. This age group has a CFR of 0.02%. 
  • The under 50 age group accounts for more than three quarters (78.91%) of all cases. This age group has a CFR of 0.04%. 
  • The under 60 age group accounts for 88.51% of all cases. This age group has a CFR of 0.1%. 
  • The under 70 age group accounts for 94.29% of all cases. This age group has a CFR of 0.2%. 
  • The over 70 age group accounts for only 5.71% of all Covid-19 cases but 80.94% of all Covid-19 deaths. 
  • Aged Care cases account for only 1.82% of all Covid-19 cases but almost half (46.37%) of all Covid-19 deaths 

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  1. None of this makes sense. I really think that months
    ago, each day they (govt.) pulled a number out of
    a hat. When we have 1 or 2 “cases” we go into
    lockdown, then when numbers magically started
    to rise again, the double vaxed were “free”, or so
    they believe.