Autobarn store puts APOLOGY in newspaper

This sort of thing just warms my heart. It’s ok to make mistakes if you ‘clean them up’ afterward.

This takes guts and humility. GOOD ON THEM.

I called to verify it was true, recording below.

If you live near Bairnsdale, VIC…go spend some money there and shake their hands for me 🙂


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  1. Autobarn hopefully you have learned a very sad lesson and traumatized already totally traumatized and terrorised people by their own Tyrannical Governments, it’s absolutely disgraceful. Please don’t ever make any bad decisions like that ever again and do not comply with Tyrannical Governments orders. What has been done to the people in fact is unlawful according to Professor of Law Mr Augusto Zimmerman and Government Tyranny must be stopped and abolished permanently and irrevocably.
    At least you have learned now and you have apologised but the damage has been done but please never do anything like that again.
    Fight for the rights of the people not for the bloody Power Crazed Lawless Tyrants terrorizing and traumatizing the people and destroying our lives our country and our Democracy.

  2. Hmm … it only really says that they’re sorry to the people who had an “approved” reason for not wearing a mask. It would have meant a lot more if it was directed at EVERYONE who didn’t wish to wear one.

  3. This is interesting. I’ve been into Bairnsdale Supercheap Auto (right next door to Autobarn!) many times during the last two years. Not once was I questioned about no mask or asked for proof of vax. Seems like they deserved my custom. Gotta say, no shop in Bairnsdale even made me feel unwelcome when I popped in and out. Thank you Bairnsdale traders!

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