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Pilots are concerned – you should be too.

Graham Hood does an interview with Pilot Alan. Alan is one of the Magnificent 24 suing Qantas.

Aviations solution with mandates could be the Achilles heal that gets us ALL back to freedom.You won’t want to miss this interview with Jetstar pilot Alan Dana.This week I am devoting my time to the Magnificent 24. These are the people in aviation who have put their lives and careers on the line. I support their fund raising initiative. Stayoutathetrees and God bless you all. Hoody.

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  1. So Glad that Graham Hood is not alone and has like minded pilots joining him in the battle.
    Personally, there is no way I would fly knowing the pilot has had the poison jab, just not safe. If I did fly, Qantas would not be the airline I would choose. Actually, I boycotted them back in 2013 and chose other airlines to fly with.

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