Jacqui Lambie’s back flip.

Jackie Lambie who told the Senate Inquiry into Covid-19 Vaccine roll-out, her constituents were hesitant to take the vaccine because of the side effects. Who’s going to compensate her constituents? Should they be injured and should a certain drug manufacturer not be held liable?  She also added having turned 52 she was also hesitant to have the jab. As were her friends.

So passionate about standing up for her constituents. Really stuck it to the Senate Inquiry. 

Alas now, backflip forward, flip aside, flip to some kind of a flop, because now she’s really supporting SPC and their move to vaccinate. 

What an absolute joke? Jackie Lambie backs SPC.  

We hear now Jacqui has got the jab once they upped the aged group to over 60 for the certain vaccine who had ..some disturbing blood clot side effects. Seems it was all about Jackie getting the jab she wanted. 

Hop over to MCJ REPORT and listen to what she said to the Senate Inquiry before she backflipped and decided to support mandatory vaccines at SPC Baked Beans & Spaghetti No More.

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  1. What about Sky News? With the exception of Alan Jones, God bless him, the rest of them have gone soft. One minute they are anti lockdown and pro choice with the jab and the next minute they are giving air-time to complete idiots who favour the withdrawal of liberties for the unjabbed. Keep these lunatics of the show.

    1. Yeah sky news got their slap on the wrist and are now pulling into line. “it’s the truth if everyone says it” is the the way they get people to subscribe to the mass hysteria.

  2. This is how politics works when the money controls everything.
    Lambie obviously felt like she was missing out on some bribes, so she started saying things that go against the globalist power controllers narrative. This forced their hand to let her in on the bribe money/benefits as well. Now presto, she changes the tune to suit.
    I’m sorry but this is how politics works in “Democrazy”. We are building our own prison by accepting the fiat currency system and allowing Government to be intermingled with Banks and Corporations.

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