Big Banks Mandate Vaccine for Employees

Alex Turner-Cohen

Three banks have announced on the same day a new vaccine mandate with various deadlines looming.

Three of Australia’s big banks are mandating the Covid-19 vaccine for staff members even in states with zero virus cases.

On Thursday, the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and the Bank of Queensland (BOQ) announced new vaccine rules for employees at a national level.

The move is expected to affect 87,000 workers across the three financial institutions.

All three companies have different deadlines falling into line with various state requirements, particularly in Victoria, which has mandated the vaccine for a number of industries including banking.

Two other prominent banks in Australia, ANZ and NAB, have so far shown no sign of mandating the vaccine beyond what is expected of them at a state level.

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Boycott Big Banks and their subsidiaries until they cancel mandatory vaccines for their employees

Big Banks have mandated vaccines for ALL employees as part of their employment policy. Sign this petition to send a strong message to Big Banks and their subsidiaries that we the people will never purchase their products and services again until this mandate is cancelled forever. Any forced or coerced experimental medical treatment is against the Nuremberg code and our human rights to have the rights to our own body! No Government or Corporation should ever be able to dictate these measures. Join a Community Bank that does not medically discriminate against its employers!!!

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Below is the Westpac Group List of Companies


275 Kent Street, 
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 132 032
From overseas: +61 2 9155 7700


St George House,
4 – 16 Montgomery St, 
Kogarah NSW 2217

Phone: 13 33 30
From overseas: +61 2 9155 7800

Bank of Melbourne

530 Collins Street, 
Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: 13 22 66
From overseas: +61 3 8536 7870


97 King William Street, 
Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: 131 376
From overseas: +61 2 9155 7850

BT Financial Group

275 Kent Street, 
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 132 135
From overseas: (+61 2) 9155 4070
Email[email protected]


RAMS Financial Group Pty Ltd
Level 12, 321 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 13 7267
From overseas: +612 9647 6967
Fax: 02 9736 5273
Email[email protected]

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