Victorian Liberal MP Bernie Finn, who Posted Anti-Abortion Comments, Expelled from Party

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The Victorian Liberals have voted to expel controversial MP Bernie Finn from the party.

The upper house MP has been a Liberal politician for nearly four decades, but has caused outrage within the party after a series of inflammatory social media posts.

Victorian Liberal Party leader Matthew Guy said the vote was not about the party “naval gazing from the federal election” but “being a sensible alternative government”.

“It is disappointing that it has come to this, but I expect discipline from all members of the parliamentary party and I expect people to uphold respectful discourse,” he said.

Speaking outside Victoria’s Parliament House after the motion, Mr Finn said he originally joined the Liberal Party because “it was the party of freedom”.

“What we have seen today is a statement from the leader of our party that the party I joined over 41 years ago is dead,” he said.

“The party of Menzies and Howard is no more — not in Victoria.

“I will continue to fight, not just in this parliament, but in the next parliament as well.”

Earlier this month, Mr Finn posted on Facebook that he was “praying” for abortion to be banned in Victoria, including for rape victims.

“So excited the US is on the verge of a major breakthrough to civilisation. Praying it will come here soon. Killing babies is criminal,” he posted.

Mr Finn was referring to a leaked draft opinion from the United States Supreme Court that indicated the Roe v Wade decision, which makes abortion a constitutional right, could be overturned.

In response to a comment saying abortion should be available for those who have experienced sexual assault, Mr Finn commented that “babies should not be killed for the crime of his or her parent”.

The comments caused fury within the Victorian Liberals, and Mr Finn resigned as party whip following the posts.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said Mr Finn’s position in the Liberal Party was a “matter for them”.

“We’ll let them deal with their bitter factional war,” he said.

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