Where are the church leaders…

It’s great to see some religious leaders speaking out and expressing the feeling of many Australians right now. Where has freedom gone he asks… a good question.

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  1. Australian politics is now dominated by the “boogy bear” of the fearsome “Covid”–which has turned out to be nothing more than flu (which can kill people with weakened immune systems and co-conditions). But the trial “vaccines” are worse! And there is a much better solution–Ivermectin, available on prescription from your doctor. We have lost our freedoms, our right to travel, to run our businesses without interference. etc etc..all because the vaccine manufacturers want to make big profits on their products! They have taken control of our politicians, it seems. And certainly the TGA, which gave only conditional approval to these experimental vaccines. Speak up, complain to your pollies! Attend rallies in your area and find out more about what to do.

  2. Considering some of the reports of harassment and imprisonment of certain pastors in Australia, churches being barricaded off and people not being allowed to attend services, i have been very surprised how quiet the church has been on all these issues. Reports of churches being burnt to the ground in Canada, Services all around the world disrupted across all faiths and yet religious leaders have gone silent. Would be very helpful if the church decided to weigh in on things being one of the wealthiest and most influential organisations in the world.