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  1. Badges of Honour


    In the propaganda war in
    convincing a maximum uptake of the Covid19-vaccines, any sceptic is
    structurally classified as ‘anti-vaccer’ or ‘conspiracy-lunatic’. These terms
    have a negative connotation. But with the widespread use of these terms to
    dismiss critics to the outer fringes of society the meaning of these nicknames
    will change.


    If even under the elderly
    population the ‘vaccine-hesitancy’ is already 30% what can we expect from the
    younger generations who’s risk of Covid19 is not even significant? 30-50% may
    not be a majority but it is a ratio that cannot easily be dismissed.


    Many of the sceptics are not
    traditional ‘anti-vaccers’, but a large portion are simply libertarians that
    are of the position that any form of vaccine-coercion is just not right. Many
    of the sceptics simply read the provisional approvals of the TGA which clearly
    acknowledge that the long term safety and efficacy and the efficacy in
    preventing transmission and asymptomatic disease are simply unknown. Whilst
    authorities and MSM working hard to downplay emerging adverse short term
    effects, the risks associated with the acknowledged scientific unknowns are
    completely ignored.


    How is it possible that worldwide
    authorities and MSM are engaged in this propaganda war? How is it possible that
    the war, even in western democracies involve censorship? Is it strange that
    people are searching for explanations for these phenomena? Conspiracy theorists
    are simply trying to explain why governments and MSM are pushing illogical agendas.


    Just as traditional ‘classic’
    vaccines are materially different from the Covid19 vaccines. Covid-19
    anti-vaccers and Covid19 conspiracy theorist are different too. They are not
    naïve, they are just critical, they are the ones that don’t blindly submit to
    the propaganda and do their homework. They point to the unhealthy power and
    reach of Big Pharma. They are the frogs that do sense the water is heating up
    with respect to the continuous curtailing of freedoms. What is wrong about


    When you are classified as one,
    don’t say “No I am not an Anti-Vaccer” or “No I am not a Conspiracy-Theorist”,
    but wear it with pride. It is a badge of honour! Don’t let the propagandists
    use it as one of their tricks to dismiss you.

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