Jab Virtue signalling is disgraceful

How irresponsible to use your platform to promote a medication that is untested, unapproved and still in the trial phase! One day, the law might find this type of coercion criminal.

We are compiling a list of celebrities and politicians who post a picture of themselves getting the jab. Why? So we can remind you later! We will publish that list so you never forget who put your health at risk to advance their own careers and fill their own pockets…or simply due to a lack of research and duty of care.

— PLEASE SEND SCREENSHOTS to us when you come across people posting these disgraceful pictures — Email them to admin@reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au use the subject heading JAB SELFIE

I usually end on hopeful notes but this makes me physically ill and I promise to remind you of all of this behaviour when voting time comes.

See the original post HERE, comment if you feel like it. His website is HERE

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