Western Sydney to become first ‘smart city for the 22nd century’

The following article from TOTT News:

New South Wales is expanding their Western regions with a massive upgrade project.

The first building in Sydney’s ‘newest city’, the Bradfield City Centre, is now under construction, with the Western Parkland City Authority lodging a State Significant Development Application (SSDA).

This new 100-hectare city will be built as part of the NSW government’s commitment of more than $1 billion to enable a major technological hub adjacent to the Western Sydney International Airport.

Reports suggest this new region will be a smart city fit for the 22nd century:

The first building will house share-use advanced manufacturing equipment for research institutions and partners, like CSIRO, to translate ‘ideas into products’ for manufacturing in the Western Parkland City.

“The building is a window into the future of the Bradfield city centre. It brings smart design, sustainable materials, passive energy and genuine tribute to place and country that sets benchmark for the built environment in the Western Parkland City.”

A promotional video by Western Parkland City Authority shows the vision for Sydney’s ‘third city’:

“This is an exciting step forward for this new city in Western Sydney being built from the ground up. The design shows what a high-tech, shared-use hub will look like in a building which will look like as we create a home for industries of the future,” designers say.

The architects responsible for this design are Hassell Studio, the same group responsible for the International Convention Centre in Sydney and Perth’s Optus Stadium.

Optus Stadium, as we know, became Australia’s first fully 5G-enabled stadium in the country:

Now, they look to transform an entire region into a similar smart city dystopia.

The city is named after John Bradfield, the Australian engineer best known as the chief proponent of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, of which he oversaw both the design and construction.

He worked for the New South Wales Department of Public Works from 1891 to 1933.

Dom Perrottet is taking Sydney’s technological advancement to new levels, making good on his claims last year to turn the region into Australia’s ‘go-to smart hub’.


This new city is part of Premier Perrottet’s vision for a “liveable, workable, beautiful” Sydney — one that is heavily leaned on by smart city innovation and transformation.

The Premier outlined his post-pandemic goals in a speech at a Daily Telegraph event:

“From quantum tech to bio-tech, sensors to semiconductors – we have the ideas, the talent and the resources to excel.

And with precincts like Tech Central and the Bradfield Aerotropolis we have the right infrastructure and eco-systems to grow.

But I want to do even more to cement Sydney’s reputation as the smart city down under.

recent press release by the New South Wales government says many stakeholders are swarming in for the opportunity to be a part of the Bradfield City vision:

“Companies from across the globe are being asked to offer up innovative solutions for energy, digital, cyber and circular economy systems that will service stage one of the Bradfield City Centre development.”

I’m sure they are very keen to get in on this action.

Now, here’s the thing: Sydney has already spent the last two years upgrading existing infrastructure with smart city technology as part of the ‘Smart City Strategic Framework‘.

Of course, while everyone was locked down and police were patrolling the streets like an army.

Meaning, this is an further overlay of the agenda. These ‘new age’ regions have multiple levels.

They have been trying to catch up to most other regions that have already transformed into smart cities.

I’d say with this plan they are well on track to holding their own in the race of technological transition.

Listen to the latest General Knowledge Podcast to hear us theorise on whether this is the first city of many to be placed down the Blue Mountains region, as part of the CLARA track.

I know where I won’t be visiting any time soon.

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