BREAKING NEWS – does the senate election need to be re-done?

Have a watch of this video…it speaks for itself.

This is VERY SERIOUS. Please call AEC to complain if you find this concerning – 13 23 26

The AEC even admitted they need to RE-TRAIN their staff…it’s too late! The election is in three days and millions have ALREADY VOTED.

“Hi Morgan. Have you made a complaint directly to us to enable us to action it or just published it here for the interest of your followers?
We are re-issuing instructions to our staff to ensure they know the correct answer and provide it moving forward. This compilation features a small number of frontline, temporary call centre staff operators (we’re dealing with hundreds of thousands of calls, with thousands of granular enquiries about the electoral system).
They have provided an incorrect response but have also been recorded and published on the internet without consent.
If you haven’t submitted a formal complaint, we recommend that as the obvious, appropriate channel.
Regarding the structure of the ballot paper, this is a matter for Parliament if you feel strongly about change – we must setup the ballot paper in line with the legislation.”

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  1. That blank box isn’t the biggest problem of a rigged election…The amount of dumbass people that postal vote that don’t have too is…Their vote sits in a warehouse for weeks or days before they are counted…Do you really think these scum in Canberra that tried to poison us all are honest about the elections?….Did you know that if you have a postal vote and you make a mistake when voting you can just cross out who you voted for and number the one you “really” wanted and it is still counted…Gee I wonder how many of those postal votes will have that happen to them without the voter even knowing about it as those ballots are just sitting in a warehouse?

  2. Totally sickening news. I was feeling so optimistic about the election too. I had voted yesterday at the pre polls ,and had felt a different energy than any previous election.I watched people who got a how to vote card from the two freedom parties there (UAP & One Nation ) stop and talk while those getting a card from the majors walked straight off. It was also noticable that the freedom voters looked more aware and healthy and the major voters the opposite.

    On a more positive note, at least we have recorded evidence that can’t be denied. On Saturday I will be going to some of the voting places and I will definitly take my tab to show people this video. Over the last year I’ve also saved important email notifications from Daily Expose UK, Steve Kirsch, and Stop World Control. They contain the important points in a short easy to understand form that people might listen to , whereas people most people couldn’t watch a 150 min episode of scientific info on Del Bigtrees “The Highwire Show” Anyone doing something similar should remember that if someone you are talking to can only take in a teaspoon full of information ,it’s no use dumping a truck load on them.

    I’ll also visit the local member for Durack and the ABC and local papers and show them the high(?) lights from this video.It will be interesting to see how interested they are.The local paper just done a full front page story announcing that Geraldton had a forth candidate,a National contesting the election,completely ignoring the 5 freedom candidates. Yet in a full hour at the pre poll centre yesterday not one person even approached him.

    Surely even the MSM can’t ignore an offence as blatent as this. Personally I think they should have a revote for all the early voters. Hopefuly this will wake up a lot of people and make many look up who Morgan is and what he stands for.

    Good luck for Saturday, Morgan. You have the
    spirit of a lot of good people behind you. Of anyone , I would love to see you and Riccardo Bosi elected. As Monica said recently there are so many candidates that you like, and genuinely have Australia’s best intrest at heart. In most recent elections you voted for the ones you hated the least and though would do the least damage.

  3. I drove into town and went to the pre poll centre again today. It was very busy and the actual candidates were there.The freedom parties knew about this by 8am WA time and their people had contacted the AEC who agreed that the info their people gave was indeed wrong but said it wasn’t their fault because they didn’t know, but they had no plan about any lost votes.

    I rewatched the video on youtube and there was 180 comments by very early morning. It a very real danger that the counters won’t know either and will put the votes in the invalid pile.

    One of the comments was from someone who had done work experience at AEC and had helped count the votes in an election years ago. He said no one had a clue what was going on and no one cared. He said that the biggest pile of votes, doubling any other pile was the invalid votes. Some just had a rude picture or something but most were mistakes.

    It was very interesting again at the prepoll centre. The freedom candidates were very knowledgeable about everything and the Lib & Labor didn’t seem to know anything about anything and seemed to have got all their info from TV.

    Again, you could pick who would approach the freedom parties for a card. And again the more aware the person looked the more likely they were to seek a card.The wife of one candidate was very polite and didn’t offer a card unless they approched her. I commented to her that not one person wearing a mask had got a card in over an hour and suggested she politely offer one to the next 3 mast wearers to see what happened…..all 3 jumped back in horror and turned their faces away. I presume they didn’t want to risk certain death touching something touched by an anti vaxxer.