Brisbane Freedom rally – 24th July 2021

Brisbane – WELL DONE! let’s do it all again soon 🙂
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  1. Wow! So pleased and proud of my fellow Australians, getting up there and fighting back against coercion and tyranny! We are in this together, demanding our rights and freedoms! End this medical madness! Thanks everyone.

  2. Awesome to hear and see, I sometimes sound like a broken record, but we can win so swiftly with sheer numbers, our stance gets stronger with each person joining the wall of people, we will near the pinnacle sooner rather than later, as dark as times these times may seem, they are in fact the opposite, we are on the brink of a change that will be world-changing, eradication of corrupt criminals and swamp-donkeys and the co-rats of mainstream media. The rewards are breathtaking, med-beds (heal everything and anything, literally, from vibrations, age reverse anyone 20years), free-energy, tax disappears, abundance basically). Greatest time to be alive, as a planetary evolution is occurring right now. Dark(governments/freemasons/cabal/deep-state/reptilians/politicians/journalists<mainstream media/compliance/swamp donkeys)   Vs Light  The People/Earth alliances(Trump/Q/Galactic Fed of Light/hidden military personnel spanning the globe waiting to take the deepstate out).
    Great time to be alive, we the people are the calm in the storm, the quicker we all get it together, by coming together, literally determines how fast this process will go, that’s my angle of perception anyways.
    I’m sure you all felt mighty powerful as you all stood together protesting, a feeling I’ve been craving haha, the future is so bright, f*ck what the swamp donkeys and co-rats dribble out their mouths, we have got this, truth always trumps lies, and I believe everyone has had enough of living in their lies, right? 

    1. I will add, what they have been doing since 2019, violates our constitution x1000(you could call it war declared on the people), what they have been doing to us the past century has violated our constitution every step of the way.
      The best part is, they are about to be removed(202? to 2032), with the assistance of the people(worldwide), this only is successful with the people becoming aware, we are ahead of the schedule from where I’m viewing it. Got a really good feeling coming from 2027, recon imma have a golden year in 2027, time will tell lol