Interviews in Canberra – Feb 8

New video featuring stories and interviews from the Canberra Convoy. Filmed at Epic Park, Tuesday 8th February. Broadcast by Gazcam, part of the Australian Free Independent Press Network.
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  1. Hi guys. Not sure if you have seen this? Posted on fb

    Anyone else see this leaked report? Had to copy and paste. 👀👀👀👀

    Blackstar Strategic Analysis and Tactical Development Group has been engaged to analyze weaknesses and identify tactics by which the efforts of the Freedom Convoy 2022 can be undermined and hindered.

    Our team conducted an in-depth SWOT analysis examining the strengths and weaknesses of the convoy and the organizers. We then examined the opportunities and threats which any opposing forces might face.

    The following is a summary of a detailed report to follow.

    The strengths of the convoy and its organizers have been identified as follows.

    At present they have experienced wide public support in numbers sufficient to cause widespread disruptions that are negatively affecting the government

    Ostensibly these disruptions can be placed on the shoulders of the politicians and policy makers.

    Presently the trucker’s actions are peaceful and within the bounds of the law and as such do not yet justify the use of force or violence.

    The truckers have a moderately coordinated team of volunteers providing them with needed food and other supplies which will allow them to engage in their actions as long as such support exists.

    These actions are apparently inspiring other truckers around the world and is gaining widespread awareness and support from parties with considerable means and resources.

    Their actions can be easily replicated by other industries with the greatest immediate threat being Farmers emulating this action.


    A brief cursory examination of the trucker’s action shows there is a lack of proper organization and hierarchy and they have not developed any means of establishing or securing consensus among the group.

    This fundamental weakness creates an opportunity for leveraging division.

    The truckers seem to be unaware of the fact that they are undermining existing public support within the city of Ottawa from the residents therein with the horn blaring. This is especially true at night.

    The truckers have apparently not initiated plans to ensure that their actions do not interfere with emergency services and this further undermines the public support they might otherwise enjoy

    The truckers have come to the table with the demands which are unreasonable on their face and have not expressed an interest in good faith negotiation and discussion. For this reason to some they are coming across as bullies.

    The truckers do not share any identifying symbol or uniform which makes it very easy for their movement to be infiltrated by extremists and employed provocateurs.

    The greatest obvious apparent weakness is that the truckers are not operating upon any enforceable contracts nor claiming that they are operating within the field of commerce.

    Many of these truckers are very frustrated and angry and as such are operating from a position of weakness and are thus easily manipulated through their emotions.

    Much of their energy seems to be misdirected against the federal government while many of the mandates and restrictions they are protesting are in place at a provincial level.

    The key leaders and organizers can be easily painted through their past actions and words as extremists,  racist or violent.

    Some of the leaders and organizers have clear political ambitions which can be leveraged by their opponents against them.

    The lack of any formal organization and clear hierarchy allows for confusing messages to be given to the media and to the public.


    Due to the lack of hierarchy leadership can be hijacked by being more vocal and aggressive. Existing leadership can be easily bought off and given a script to follow. As there is no agreed upon hierarchy such an action would not constitute a breach of trust.

    They are undefended against infiltration by provocateurs employed to paint them in a negative light.

    They are unprotected from vocal leaders employed specifically to provide divisive messaging.

    Vocal agent provocateurs claiming leadership positions will be able to easily fan emotional flames of anger and frustration in order to misdirect efforts and redefine goals.

    Because the underlying message of the truckers is ostensibly one of a desire for greater individual freedoms any attempt to unite them under one banner or leader can be easily undermined by claiming that such unity is contrary to their individual freedom

    The lack of cohesion and leadership can be increased by agent provocateurs if they were to claim that an attempt to secure such cohesion is an assault on individual freedoms.

    Many of the truckers can be easily manipulated by pushing emotional buttons. Some of the truckers appear to feel disenfranchised from the larger movement. These Truckers would be ideal for leveraging against the larger movement.

    If a small group of Truckers could be convinced to engage in a course of action which would be widely denounced by the public at large the entire protest could be painted in a negative light and the efforts of all tainted and undermined.

    Such a course of action by a small group would be more likely to get the public to demand action by the authorities even if such actions were contrary to shared rights and freedoms.

    If properly executed such an action would not only justify the use of force and violence but such a use of force and violence would be demanded by the public at large.

    The course of action that is immediately apparent which meets all of these requirements would be blockading the border crossings between Canada and the United States.

    Blockading the borders would provide a short-term emotional gain to the truckers but at the cost of long-term support. Such blockades in the end benefit the government far more than the truckers.

    Analysis shows that such an action would divide the group further, erode public support greatly, justify the use of force and violence, and lay a foundation which would allow the government to limit and restrict existing rights well into the future.


    The biggest threat the government seems to face would be presented by a strong leader who could unite the various groups under one banner and by granting hope minimize the anger and frustration prevalent amongst the truckers.

    If the truckers develop an organizational structure which facilitates communications amongst them and allows the building of consensus on shared actions the government would have a much more difficult time getting a small group to split from the larger group and engage in actions detrimental to the truckers.

    If the truckers begin to engage in actions which increase their level of public support even further it will make it harder for the government to employ the media to turn public opinion against them.

    The actions the truckers could take could be in the form of ensuring that there are traffic lanes left open for emergency vehicles, providing other benefits to the city and its residents, daily briefings to the public, public forums were authorities are invited but refused to attend, and generally acting with greater respect towards the city residents in innumerable ways.

    The greatest threat to the authorities identified would come if the truckers realize that they could be just as effective while operating under contract to deliver small packages to the authorities. Any attempt to interfere with them if they are operating under such contract would raise the specter of civil action for willful interference with lawful commercial contracts. The argument for this is much less apparent than arguments justifying the suspension temporarily of Charter recognized rights and freedoms.


    Based upon our analysis the government will gain the upper hand if they can convince a small group of the truckers that the best course of action is a blockade of the borders.

    Further analysis causes us to believe that the best course of action for the truckers would be to operate under contracts to deliver small parcels to government agents or offices.

    1. This is great, hope it get distributed, very practical actions. I like the idea of a communication eg newspaper advert, to the public regarding the disruption that is being caused in Canberra and possible solutions like leaving a lane free for emergency services, no car honking at night etc. Its really about respect for others anyway aye.

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