Is the truck convoy to Canberra happening?

There have been rumours floating around all week about a convoy to Canberra next Monday 31st January.

So far, it seems to be happening!!!

This idea has brought back bad memories from last year when this was attempted on the QLD/NSW border. 35 trucks were supposed to show up, only 2 did. They blocked the highway for an hour. One Nation’s Pauline Hansen supported it by attending and doing a publicity stunt with the media. She then told the trucks to leave saying “you’ve made your point, it’s time to let people get back to work”. This was disappointing, to say the least.

So many of us were excited about that last year, and here we are again…hopeful that something major will happen to disrupt our leaders who seem to think they can control every aspect of our lives.

Surely truckies realise that they could end the madness if they all stood up together?

Here’s hoping there are enough who are willing to take a stand and show our corrupt politicians that IF THE TRUCKS STOP, THE COUNTRY STOPS!

Rumours say that the convoy is for ALL WHEELS, not just trucks!

We have heard from at least one politician who plans to hire a truck and attend and I know for sure, they won’t tell anyone to leave 🙂

RDA has not been in contact with the organisers. We don’t have all the details but we’ll share what we know.

There is a telegram group you can join HERE. In there, you’ll see lots of videos and details.

Below are some of the posters we’ve been able to find.

We DO NOT endorse this message in red…‘every Australian politician, in every state and territory, must stand down immediately. You are all unfit for duty’. This is incorrect, there are some great politicians in our parliament…Craig Kelly, Matt Canavan, Alex Antic, George Christensen, Gerard Rennick, Tanya Davies and more…

The concept that they ALL need to step aside is both ridiculous and unachievable. We’re hoping someone hijacked this poster and added it without permission.

We’ve also found posters that indicate this could be happening all over the world. We will also share some pictures from the Canadian Convoy which is apparently over 70kms long, breaking the world record!


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  1. Would be great to see something similar happen here in Australia. It’s been really inspiring to see all the pushback on various fronts back in my home country of Canada. Feels like the tide is turning! Will be interesting to see what the situation is like on the ground while I’m over there visiting family soon.

      1. Yes, unfortunately I did get two Pfizer jabs early in the rollout, before I learned the truth about the risks involved and the ethical issues around how it was developed. I regret it now, but definitely not having any more jabs.

          1. Yes, I think I was a bit naive about big Pharma early in the rollout. I trusted what I was reading online too much. Now I realise those companies would sell out their own mothers for profit and they don’t care how much they have to lie in order to sell more of their snake oil.

        1. You’re not alone there Rob. I’ve managed to avoid having any, but the Mrs had two to keep her job. No more though. In a few weeks she’ll get the boot and there’ll be another aged care nurse kicked out of the system.

          1. That’s terrible and so wrong. I really feel for everyone who’s had to choose between the jab and their job, should never happen in a democratic society.

          2. Unfortunately for her, it’s highly unlikely she will have had 2 placebos. I know people who have left their jobs because of the employers “mandating” the jabs. She would be in a much better position if she had done that.

  2. Fairly sure this is going ahead – and it should be HUGE! I’ve put money into the go-fund account for petrol and food for all those making their way there. And hopefully, it will be distributed /used before Scumbo gets his disgusting little mitts on it like what happened in canada!

  3. The Australian truckies have got to ‘let it rip’. They and all of us are in the fight of our lives for our lives! Fighting for our civil rights medical rights human rights and freedoms and our democracy and to stop these tyrannical political and medical tyrants dictators and The battle to stop these political monsters shitting on the sacred Nuremberg principles Nuremberg code and our individual rights to informed consent to treatment and individual rights to refuse treatment and medicine’s sacred oath which they all shit On also which for all doctors’first do no harm’.
    Come on All Australian truckies we are with you all.

    A reminder of the disgusting and deeply conflicted mainstream media empires:-

    Murdoch media as unbelievable as can be found in the world, except perhaps for the ABC | Cairns News

  4. Fantastic news, Time for Aussies to shine the light on the Canberra Cockroach,s, Are “YOU” going to Canberra Blocker Roach ?
    To “All” the nurses in Dialysis can you “Please” make some extra chairs for Dialysis friends to travel, & support “YOU” ! Love your work.

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