Why is Albo impossible to reach?

There is a big campaign happening at the moment to raise awareness of the international amendments the W.H.O. is trying to get through. READ ALL ABOUT THAT HERE.

A supporter sent me an email this morning showcasing that Anthony Albanese’s email address bounced.

This is shocking to me! ALL members of parliament should be contactable, at least through their staff. There should be at least some recognition of the public’s attempts to contact their representatives.

So I decided to try and call his office. There are two numbers listed here, one for his electorate office of Grayndler and the other for Parliament House in Canberra. I tried calling BOTH of them and the voice prompts basically insisted that I can’t talk to anyone. When I finally got through to a human line, they were too busy to answer my call..it was 11 am!

The only way to contact him is by commenting on his FACEBOOK PAGE, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, or using a ‘CONTACT US‘ form on his website.

This is unacceptable in my opinion. How are they meant to represent our voice if we can’t contact them???

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