We can’t vaccinate our way out of this pandemic!

Emeritus Professor of Pathology, Robert Clancy, of the University of Newcastle says we are at a “watershed moment” in the pandemic.

Vaccination can only go so far, he says, and in heavily vaccinated countries like the UK and Israel, vaccinated people are still getting sick and dying from COVID-19.

“Most COVID deaths in England over the last seven months have been in vaccinated subjects,” he says.

What we need as society opens up, he says, is an early treatment drug – and ivermectin (IVM) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) fit the bill perfectly, and what’s more, they are cheap and safe.

And there is a wealth of data to support their use, he adds.

But, the Therapeutic Goods Administration has banned Australian GPs from prescribing IVM for COVID-19, and also put restrictions on prescribing of HCQ.

Professor Clancy asks why there has been such an illogical response to these early treatment drugs which are not being welcomed – but banned. 

“Any argument against IVM or HCQ use in treating COVID-19 is not based on science. Rather, it is politically driven, in tune with the pharmaceutical companies’ profit motive. Who is pulling the strings?”

The answer, he suggests, is big pharmaceutical companies like Merck, Pfizer and Roche who all want us to use expensive new patented treatments for COVID-19, like Merck’s molnupiravir, much touted by the mainstream media.

He goes on to question the Government’s reliance on the new genetic vaccines, which turn our bodies into spike-protein factories, and says we should be considering more traditional vaccines like Novavax, where we are only exposed to a small known dose of spike protein.

Read Professor Clancy’s hard-hitting article in Quadrant magazine here.


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