Commonwealth bank now tracking your Carbon footprint

It’s pretty simple folks..

  1. Leave CBA if you’re with them asap.
  2. Choose a smaller bank or credit union.
  3. Stop using debit and credit cards as much as possible (that’s how they track you). Go here for some tips –

These two articles say it all…

Outrage over new Commonwealth Bank feature

CBA announces Australian banking first carbon tracking feature

I will be changing my bank accounts first thing in the morning. I am choosing a bank that is NOT one of the major 4.

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      1. a bank that is owned by the members, Im in Tasmania. The Bank of Us here is owned by Tasmania people. Not a big corporation. Also the a Credit union bank if they are still any of them around.

  1. Another thin edge of the wedge being driven in ,conditioning us for what is to come.

    While you are in the bank, ask them about their BAIL IN policy. In 2019 ,bail ins were introduced. It went through parliament but hardly any politicians know about it.

    After the 2008 crash the banks were rescued with BAIL OUTS,where the banks were saved by huge amounts of money being printed and given to them (at that time the govt stopped releasing figures on the amount printed)

    Since the introduction of BAIL INS the banks are allowed to take customer’s deposits. There were some sites with details but those pages have recently dissapeared.

    An excellent source of info on the financial situation (written in very simple language and terms) is young Australian Samuel Hansen’s book “A SLEEPING GENERATION AWAKENS” ,available for $11 posted on his Critical Thinkers Society face book page.

    Sam would be an excellent person for RDA to interview.

    Remember that all the plans the globalists have for us can only happen in our ignorance. If we educate our selves any simply say NO it’s all over.

      1. It’s inspiring that many RDA followers are prepared to put in the time and effort to learn.If only the sleeping general public would do the same.

        A good source of Australian info on monetary system can be found on the media releases of Australian Citizens Party.

        For true state of the world financial system look at MICHAEL COWANS YouTube channel.
        Also STANSBERRY RESEARCH with Patrica Cardone on youtube.The head lines of the videos are frightening enough.

  2. The foll9wing is a quote from the back cover of Sam Hansen’s 2018 book “A Sleeping Generation Awakens”

    “Whilst over half the population remains asleep within a digital matrix of distraction and illusion , behind the scenes factions of the deep state are preparing for the enactment of martial law and the establishment of a fully technocratic dictatorship.

    Faced with the certainty of a global economic collapse,operatives of the international banking cartels are currently engaging in end game manoevers towards the fulfilment of their long term end objective of a one world government.

    Fortunately their are many among the population who are awakening to these grand agendas and begining to actively resist them. ” A Sleeping Generation Awakens” hopes to raise the critical mass of awareness required to oppose these objectives and presents an optimistic perspective where the forcee of good triumph over the forces of evil”