Zoos and Aquariums turning into vaccination centres for children.

COVID-19 vaccine pop-up hubs will be opening up in some of Victoria’s most iconic venues, making it easier for vulnerable and disadvantaged children to get the jab.

From February 12, vaccination pop-ups will roll out across venues such as Scienceworks, Werribee Open Range Zoo and Sealife Aquarium.

The sites are intended to be used by children who would otherwise experience potential issues to getting vaccinated. Access to the pop-ups will initially be invite-only, with the Department of Health and the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing targeting children from out of home care, living with disability or in contact with specialist services.

The pop-ups will start at nine initial locations across Melbourne, with each site capable of administering up to 100 paediatric doses each weekend.


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  1. This is a poor reflection on the state of a society when we do not protect our children. This is most important role adults can play in life. Why is this happening and the people with the power to stop it not taking action?

  2. How low can you go? In the last week I have been at the
    Chemist waiting for prescriptions. The first time Dad and his
    little girl came out of a room and sat down. She was so happy,
    displaying a certificate and Dad, happy that he had done the
    right thing. Yesterday, back to the Chemist, this time I was
    waiting outside and yet another Dad and daughter came out,
    obviously vaccinated. I just wanted to cry.

  3. Leave our children alone.

    I am staggered that some parents are so brain washed that they commit their children to a V experiment with no data of the potential effects short and long term.

    When parents do wake up it will be like waking up during a nightmare.

    Our government has blood on their hands.

    This sad saga is only just beginning .

    God help us 🙌🙏🙌

  4. It’s bribery, luring the disadvantaged children with invitations to places of interest & in exchange they get vacc. Downright disgusting, & unscrupulous. We must inform parents we know. Am so concerned about those in state care.

  5. Terror will make people do strange things.  Parents disproportionately scared out of their wits for nothing.  IF a child’s health is compromised – they are the ones that need protection.  The parents are going to go nuts if their children are damaged – it’s bad enough with adults.

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