Charges Dropped to help DANIEL ANDREWS’ Campaign

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Anti-lockdown ‘rebels’ arrested, locked-up and fined during one of Victoria’s darkest periods in history are quietly being let off the hook in the run up to the next state election. 

Over the past month, Victorian prosecutors have dropped charges against three anti-lockdown ringleaders. 

On Thursday, Jemal Abazi walked free from court almost two years after he was charged for encouraging Dandenong locals to walk together for their allotted one-hour period of exercise during Victoria’s second hard lockdown in August 2020. 

Journalist Monica Smit had her charges withdrawn earlier this month.

The vocal anti-vaxxer had spent 22 days in jail after refusing to comply with a series of bail conditions which were later scrapped by the Supreme Court of Victoria. 

Retired pensioner Solihin Millin also had his charges dropped this month after being charged for inciting the ‘Freedom Rally’ at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance in September 2020. 

The 78-year old had been charged with inciting others to protest. 

The reasons given for dropping the elderly Victorian’s charges revolved around his age, lack of prior convictions, his status as a pensioner and the likely sentence upon a finding of guilt meant ‘it was no longer in the public interest to continue prosecution’.

The supposed lack of public interest in prosecuting the protesters had been used to justify the dumping of all three of their cases. 

On Friday, Mr Abazi stood before the County Court of Victoria to ask Mr Andrews why his charges had been dropped. 

The restaurateur had been charged with incitement to breach Covid stay-at-home directives and an associated breach of bail. 

‘That is the question we are all asking, but the answer still remains to be answered so understandably I’m pretty confused,’ Mr Abazi said in a video posted to social media. 

‘They put me through a lot and they need to answer these simple questions.’ 

Mr Abazi said he had been badly mistreated by Victoria Police and the justice system. 

‘I have been arrested on many, many occasions and now they’ve just decided to drop everything regardless that the amount of money it has cost this government and the people,’ he said. 

Tens of thousands of ordinary Victorians were fined by a militant Victoria Police during the state’s six hard lockdowns. 

In May, a state budget estimates inquiry heard more than 50,000 fines were handed to Victorians for breaching Covid-19 restrictions, but half had not been paid.

Of those, almost 40,000 were issued for ‘general breaches’ and another 1,723 fines for ‘illegal gatherings’.

Legal groups have been calling for fines to be dumped since 2020, arguing they disproportionately affected marginalised communities and in some cases had been issued to people who were acting within the law.

Mr Abazi’s lawyer, James Catlin, said the decision to drop charges was an ‘attempt to mute community anger’, the Herald Sun reported. 

‘It looks like a belated attempt to mute community anger about police tactics during the pandemic in the lead up to the election,’ Mr Catlin said.

‘A jury trial would have reminded people’.

Mr Abazi is seeking to recover the costs of fighting the charges for two years.

Prosecutors dropped charges against Ms Smit on July 18 despite her dramatic 2021 arrest, which she live streamed to social media. 

She had been scheduled to stand trial at the County Court of Victoria until prosecutors filed a last minute notice of discontinuance after deciding it was no longer in the ‘public interest’ to continue. 

The legal proceedings had cost Ms Smit ‘hundreds of thousands’ of dollars from donors – money she hopes to get back when her application for costs returns to court next week. 

Mr Millin had long argued his charges were invalid because the stay-at-home-orders in place at the time of his arrest was based on illegitimate health advice.

Like his fellow protesters, police had raided his house and confiscated computers and mobile phones. 

‘I believe the VicGov realise they have no evidence to support the Victorian emergency … and are hiding this fact which in essence is conspiracy to conceal evidence and an attempt to pervert the course of justice,’ he said in a statement posted to his website last week. 

‘The real reason for this discontinuance is that the VicGov doesn’t have a case and the Victorian emergency is unlawful.’

Anti-lockdown walkers had been doused with pepper spray and struggled with cops as community frustration with Melbourne’s draconian Stage 4 restrictions reached boiling point in August 2020.

Police issued $15,000 in fines and arrested four men during one wild afternoon clash in Dandenong, in Melbourne’s southeast. 

In video shared on social media, police could be seen aiming pepper spray at walkers as officers tackled a man to the ground. 

At the time, Melbourne residents could only leave their homes for four reasons: to buy essential items like groceries, for care or to give care, exercise and work. 

There was also a nightly curfew from 8pm until 5am.

Just days later, hundreds of Melburnians took to the streets to protest Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ continued lockdown.

They had earlier been described by Victoria Police assistant commissioner Luke Cornelius as ‘crazies’. 

A day before that march, he turned on another brave display from the comfort of his pulpit at police headquarters. 

‘I feel a bit like a dog returning to eat his own vomit,’ he crowed. ‘I’m sick of it.’

Just weeks earlier, the assistant commissioner labelled anti-lockdown protesters the ‘tinfoil-hat wearing brigade’. 

‘They’re taking every opportunity to leverage the current situation to serve their ridiculous notions about so called sovereign citizens, about constitutional issues and about how 5G is going to kill your grandkids,’ he said of a previous protest.

‘I mean it’s just crazy, it’s batsh*t crazy nonsense.’

Little has been seen publicly of the tough-talking cop since his political masters lifted the lockdown restrictions. 

Sources have told Daily Mail Australia both Victoria Police and the Andrews Government are determined to limit the legal fallout of the lockdowns leading up to an election. 

Just weeks ago Victoria Police paid a settlement worth tens of thousands of dollars to a news photographer who was pepper-sprayed twice in the face by officers while covering an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne last year.

A man head-slammed into the concrete by a sergeant at Flinders Street Station last September is also expected to settle out of court for more than a $1million. 

In March, a police informer told the Herald Sun police lawyers opened the bidding with a $300,000 offer to compensate the injured man — compared with the usual $50,000 usually touted at the start of a negotiated damages settlement.  

The number of payouts provided by Victoria Police to victims of its heavy handed policing during the pandemic will likely remain a mystery. 

In September last year, officers stormed Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance armed to the teeth with gas grenades, pepper spray and rubber bullets. 

It had not been the first time the use of non-lethal projectiles had been used against the people, often causing not only damage to bodies, but to vehicles and other property in the process. 

Melbourne Activist Legal Support expressed its concerns over the use of such force before the Shrine protest even happened. 

‘Victorian police officers do not have unrestrained power to use weapons or any other force on members of the public. Any use of force must be reasonable, necessary, and proportionate to the threat faced and in accordance with legal requirements found in legislation,’ it stated at the time. 

‘Using, drawing or threatening use of any weapon is considered a “use of force” for which a police officer is both legally and organisationally accountable … The emergency pandemic powers do not provide the police any greater powers to disperse crowds with non-lethal options.’

A recent Roy Morgan Snap SMS Poll suggested Labor will win another term with 59.5 per cent of votes on a two-party preferred basis. 

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  1. Premier Dan-Xi crushes dissent
    The right to protest is a Covid casualty in Victoria
    Christopher Akehurst.
    Victoria’s truculent Premier Dan Andrews – who ought to change his name to Dan-Xi Andrews in homage to his role model in Beijing, gaoler of the Uighurs and keen penal reformer (he pioneered the modern lockdown) – has spent at least $500 million of taxpayers’ money fitting out the Victorian police as his own personal pandemic praetorian guard. Girded and shielded like space-age gladiators, their job is to crush expressions of public disagreement with Dan-Xi’s policy of shutting down everything at the first hint of a Covid cough. Thousands of Victorians are fed up with this. Their jobs and businesses have disappeared and, though Dan-Xi, naturally, has made mass protests illegal, they want to let him know that enough is enough. His policies haven’t worked and it’s time to try something else – like common sense.

    This is the last thing the Premier wants to hear, pacing his palatial chambers in Spring Street as he fulminates at the iniquity of people who won’t get vaccinated. In a fit of pique he has arbitrarily cancelled their citizenship. He treats them as his very own Uighurs, ejected from the business of daily life. Victoria, Dan-Xi has pronounced, ‘is going to be a vaccinated economy, and you get to participate in that if you are vaccinated’. Why doesn’t he go the whole hog, like that earlier upholder of democratic principles the Emperor Nero did with the Christians in ancient Rome, and shove the unvaccinated into an arena – the Melbourne Cricket Ground would do nicely – to face his gladiatorial police? Indeed, with the smoke from the bombs thrown by demonstrators in Victoria’s biggest anti-vaxing demonstration ever last Tuesday, staged by – the unkindest cut of all – Labor’s erstwhile chums in the building union, Dan-Xi only needed a fiddle to make his resemblance to Nero complete.

    Last weekend Dan-Xi’s praetorian guard was at it again, stamping on dissent with all the zeal of the Beijing Xi recolonising Hong Kong (decolonising is so yesterday; recolonising is the smart thing now, as the Taliban are doing in Afghanistan). They were better prepared for this second Melbourne battle of the Covid Wars than they were for the earlier one in August. The police strategy was helped by Dan-Xi’s having imperiously shut down public transport, an action fully in line with the unstated policy of the Victorian government of causing maximum inconvenience for everyone wherever possible. But several hundred protestors turned up anyway and combat soon commenced.

    Not for anti-lockdowners the easy camaraderie with the police enjoyed by approved leftist demonstrators when Black Lives Matter commandeered the streets in Melbourne last year. At that time Covid restrictions had only just begun but the disinclination of many protestors to wear masks and the reduction of ‘social distancing’ to five centimetres – if that – weren’t allowed to spoil the occasion, which was more like a relaxed Christmas street party, with much anti-white virtue on display from the overwhelmingly white crowd and the police happily genuflecting to the memory of St. George Floyd to show their goodwill to all. Instead, the spectacle on Saturday was again one of running battles, with protestors charging at police lines and police fighting back with capsicum spray. It’s not what we would once have expected to see in Australia. It’s the sort of thing they do in revolutions in banana republics, not on the sedate avenues of what still describes itself as the world’s most liveable city. ‘Most liveable’ is a moot point these days but Melbourne certainly ranks high among world cities as one of the most locked-down.

    This kind of violence is due in part to a breakdown in trust between ordinary people and the police. The police blame protestors for this, who, they say, turn up at demonstrations with what Victoria’s robotic police commissioner Shane Patton describes as an intention to ‘confront and attack’.

    As far as you can tell from news footage the weapons are mainly bottles and smoke bombs, and it is to combat these and the mobs hurling them that Premier Dan-Xi has spent all that taxpayer cash fitting out his praetorian guard with armour-plating and ‘military-grade’ weapons.

    Unfortunately, the huge advantage all this stormtrooper get-up gives the police is somewhat undermined by right-on police recruiting policies. Now that you don’t have to be big, burly and male to become a copper, some of the troops are more, shall we say, petite, and tend to cluster on the fringes of the battle lines pointing out isolated demonstrators their colleagues can more easily tackle, but not doing any tackling themselves.

    The breakdown of trust goes beyond police and public. And it’s not just local. All around the Anglosphere and beyond trust between governments and the people they rule is diminishing. In Australia it hasn’t been so low since the Whitlam debacle. Covid has been the catalyst. The lies and prevarication surrounding the imposition of pandemic rules and restrictions – the vaccine will protect you, the vaccine will only partly protect you, the vaccine might not protect you at all, masks are indispensable, masks are unnecessary – have undermined the already fragile edifice of public trust in the ability of governments to solve this crisis. Scapegoat-hunting by health commissars and irresponsible media – in Victoria with distinctly antisemitic overtones – has poisoned the atmosphere. And governments, inebriated by the extra power they have arrogated to themselves, act in a way that shows they have forgotten that, constitutionally, they rule by permission of the ruled. Victoria’s gives the impression that the voters exist to do its bidding, not the other way round. Premier Dan-Xi at his turgid media briefings talks as if the people had wilfully and tiresomely gone out of their way to annoy him. With theatrical sighs he announces lockdowns as though the public were naughty schoolchildren who have to be kept in yet again for not doing as they were told.

    The comfortable apathy of many Australians towards politics has contributed to this political arrogance. We have let ourselves become so used to relying on governments for just about everything that we have played into the hands of the assorted control freaks and egomaniacs who fall over each other to scramble higher up the ladder of what was once considered an honourable profession of public service. They hold us in contempt. We shrug our shoulders and mutter ‘crooked pollies’ or ‘self-serving idiots’ and leave them to get on with it.

    Unless we can somehow rid ourselves of this indifference and reinstate politics as an honourable profession by persuading candidates of higher personal qualities to enter parliament, Dan-Xi and his tyrannical type will continue to make a mockery of democracy.

  2. WE WILL NOT FORGET….This video is 6 hours.

    0:00 – Australia Is Not Free
    7:42 – Rockefeller Foundation’s Future Scenario “Lock Step” (Released In 2010)
    12:43 – Doctor Reveals The Dangers Of Wearing Masks
    23:46 – Former Vice President At Pfizer Speaks Out
    26:08 – Blood Clots – “Vaccine” Injuries
    30:34 – Forced “Vaccinations” In Australia
    32:12 – The “Covid” Camps & Hotel Quarantine Nightmares
    1:00:25 – Why Australia Is Becoming A Prison Colony Again
    1:06:48 – More “Vaccine” Injuries And Deaths
    1:11:41 – Funeral Director Sounds The Alarm: “You Will Die If You Keep Taking These Jabs”
    1:23:40 – Doctors And Nurses Expose The “Vaccine” Deaths – Part 1
    1:33:17 – When The Police Start Showing Up At Your Door
    1:38:26 – No More Privacy! – Australia Passes “Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt Bill 2020)”
    1:43:16 – The “Covid-19 Virus” Lies
    1:51:49 – Pfizer Is Truly Evil And Their Connections To The Occult
    2:01:48 – Caught On Camera: Blood Clots Caused By The Pfizer “Vaccine”
    2:11:50 – How The W.H.O. Changed The “Pandemic” Definition In 2009 – They Can Now Declare A “Pandemic” With Zero Deaths
    2:21:01 – Why Some “Vaccinated” Are Injured/Dying And Others Are Not – It’s All Planned
    2:25:25 – “Choose Your Poison”, Says “COVID Commander” Of Victoria
    2:29:52 – Doctors And Nurses Expose The “Vaccine” Deaths – Part 2
    2:44:22 – “Lock, Stock & Barrel” Against The Unvaccinated
    2:47:17 – Australian State “Premiers” Trying To Out-Tyrant Each Other
    2:52:59 – “The Great Reset” And “Build Back Better” Agendas Exposed
    3:01:08 – The Unvaccinated Will Be “Locked Out” From Society
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    3:16:39 – The PCR Test Fraud That’s Driving Up Covid Hoax “Cases”
    3:22:11 – “Life For The Unvaccinated Will Be Very Difficult Indefinitely”
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    3:46:39 – World Economic Forum Founder: “We Have To Prepare For A More Angry World”
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    4:27:27 – Why Some Places Have Relaxed Or Removed Their “Covid Rules” – “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”
    4:28:01 – “Doctor” Fauci In 2017: Prepare For A “Surprise Outbreak” Under Trump’s Presidency
    4:29:48 – Americans Punished For Not Wearing A Mask Or For Being Unvaccinated
    4:40:45 – The American “Covid” Tyranny In Chronological Order
    4:53:13 – “Welcome To Day 367 Of 15 Days To Slow The Spread”
    5:01:19 – Man Who Lived Under Communism Gives A Dire Warning About “Covid” Mandates
    5:04:49 – Joe Biden’s “Vaccinators”
    5:07:53 – The Real Reason Surgical Doctors Wear Face Masks
    5:10:09 – “Human Beings Do Well When They Have Carrot And Stick”
    5:15:14 – Double Standards: “Rules For Thee, Not For Me”
    5:20:12 – The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Hoax
    5:27:43 – Bill Gates’ Event 201 “Coronavirus Pandemic Exercise” (2019)
    5:38:10 – Bill Gates Is An Eugenicist Who Wants To Reduce The World’s Population
    5:53:57 – The Dark History Of Rockefeller
    5:57:04 – Bill Gates On “Pandemic 2”: “That Will Get Attention This Time”
    5:58:46 – Dark Winter “Pandemic Exercise” (2001)
    6:02:52 – Atlantic Storm “Bioterrorism Exercise” (2005)
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    6:15:57 – Why Almost All Countries Imposed “Covid” Lockdowns In Lock Step
    6:18:01 – Unmasking The Plans Of The World Economic Forum
    6:21:16 – The United Nations Announces The New World Order

  3. Appearing ‘soft’ before an election? Well, knock me down with a feather, I never saw that one coming. Heaven help us if mini-Stalin is re-elected; he’ll have all sorts of payback up his sleeve.
    PS. The format of your pages is a very unusual column. Can it be changed?