Children are dying…it’s that simple

The history books will tell the truth…this is murder, some might even say premeditated.

Why would a child take a vaccine for a virus that can’t kill them? It’s the most insane thing we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes. STUDIES SHOW THE RISK OF CHILDREN DYING FROM COVID IS 0.005% 

With abortion now legal at all stages of pregnancy, and even after giving birth in some cases…now this! The world is turning evil and you and I have to do everything we can to fight against them…GOOD ALWAYS PREVAILS…but gee it’s hard to wait for that to happen!

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  1. Arent the statistics of Death related to the COVID injections enough for the Government to sit up and listen!!!! I just dont get it.?!?!?!
    Who can we go to locally who will listen and DO something about it.
    Ive just started a new job a health facility with both aged residents and a child care facility on the same property. If Im asked or told to have the injections I may have to leave again if the letters to the employer that you have offered on the RDA sight (authorised by a lawyer ) fail me. Heres hoping. Watch this space!! Lol

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