Clarification on RDAs collaboration with UAP

It’s been a few days since the big announcement and a few questions have been raised which I want to address.

I’ll be answering these questions and adding a bit more info;

• Is the new party state and/or federal and will people be able to vote UAP in the VIC state elections?
• Don’t sacrifice your passion for democracy Monica
• What happens with party membership, do members automatically move across to UAP if they don’t want to cancel their membership?
• Action from the past by Clive Palmer means that the public has a distrust of him, this could impact on the those that trust RDA and you Monica
• What are the party policies?
• Clarify please between One Nation & UAP and what they stand for
• Urgent need to educate the voting public on how preferences work
• Do you have a plan regarding the use of dominion voting machines (noting fraud in 2020 US elections)
Read Monica’s full press release here –

Read Monica’s full press release here


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  1. In trying to decide which party to join, i looked at the various websites. I was first inclined to join One Nation but l also noted their silence over Monica’s incarceration. They had the best record on policy but seem focused solely on winning the Senate. Only UAP seems to have the drive and vision to contest every seat. The LibDems seem focused on only ensuring their existing members get reelected. Clive might have detractors but, as Monica says, he is fighting for freedom.

  2. Thanks Monica. You remind me of a poem:
    What is love of our land?
    Ah, we know very well
    It is something that sleeps for a year, a day
    For a month, something that keeps
    Very hidden and quiet and still
    And then takes,
    The quiet heart like a wave,
    The quiet brain like a spell,
    The quiet will
    Like a tornado
    And that shakes
    The whole being and soul…
    Aye, the whole of the soul.

    Thanks again, and keep shaking it up girl!

  3. Who stands to prosecute those responsible for CCP style lockdowns, the violent enforcement of extra-judicial decrees, the incalculable harm done to Australian citizens now and in future? Who stands for restoring common law and cutting safety-state power? These are the only questions for me, and I’ll forgive anyone bucking the system at this stage.

  4. Getting our freedom back is the priority as Monica says.  We take our freedoms back by smashing the traitorous Lib/Lab duopoly and UAP are the only party in a position to do this that I can see. Realpolitik.

  5. Thank you Monica, Morgan and RDA for all of your hard work.
    Getting back our freedoms is one thing, but how do we stop
    the children being vaxed? Pfizer is ready to pass a vax for
    5 year olds and some children in primary schools have to
    wear a mask. Where does it all stop??