Were you at the Melbourne protest? We need your statement…


RDA will help facilitate a Class Action against Victorian Police for their misuse of force against the innocent protestors in Melbourne Saturday 21st August 2021. Police became agitators and used tear gas, pepper spray and fired rubber bullets indiscriminately onto their own citizens.

RDA is calling for all those affected by this event to come forward. Whether you were physically assaulted or saw others being assaulted, please tell us your experience below. The more witnesses and statements we have, the better.

We will find out who gave the order and who fired the shots and we will make them accountable. 

Without justice… there can be no peace! We deserve JUSTICE.

We’re also running a campaign to reach out to as many Police Officers as possible. Please take part in this important campaign. Surely we can make them see that this has gone too far.

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  1. Hey, I was at the Melbourne protest Saturday 21st August. Even though I wasn’t physically hurt I saw many people get peppered sprayed and some get hit with rubber bullets. It was a complete disgrace by VicPol.
    They were chasing protesters through streets in full riot gear whilst we were there asking for our freedoms back. Victoria is no longer a place I want to be or raise my children

  2. I was present at the Melbourne protest. I suffer severe physical health problems, and PSTD therefore cannot wear a mask. I have raised my children (now adults) and grandchild to look up to the Police force with respect, however what I witnessed on that day has truly traumatized me. As a professional Secondary School teacher, I have liaised with many Police over the years and what I saw on that fateful day was disgraceful and abhorrent.

    Firstly, the police created a dangerous situation by ‘Kettling’ the peaceful protestors. This creates further tension amongst the crowd and instigates entrapment. Secondly, to see the Senior Sargent taunt the already hurting crowd was beyond words. These were mums and dads that have lost their jobs, homes, their health and loved ones. They are not criminals!

    And for the Government to authorize the use of Pepper Spray and Guns on its own citizens is criminal at the very least. I saw children crying from inhaling pepper spray, women bleeding from falling over, and men shot…all for what…OUR HEALTH?

    The people who are responsible for giving these orders need to be held accountable. This is not acceptable, EVER.