Climate Fools are a Corporate Pandemic

The following article from Spectator Australia

Really, this should be a weekly column, but I fear writing about fools that often might do my head in.

The thing is, hardly a day goes by when I don’t see someone (who should know better) making a fool of themselves over climate hysteria. It is getting harder to tolerate knowing that so many fools are in positions of power and influence over our daily lives. It is not as hard working out why they are in these positions as it is deciphering how they got there.

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about the new bullies in the Big End of Town. I was writing about leading banks and super funds who have embraced the pursuit of policies that will, they claim, limit global warming to an increase of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. They say this aligns their corporate goals with the recommendations of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

The problem I was seeking to highlight was that this 1.5°C limit was abandoned years ago by credible climate scientists, including the IPCC, who many hold up as the only global arbiter in these matters.

Banks and super funds in Australia have made it clear in policy, annual reports, and press releases that they will be directing investment and finance only in the direction of those enterprises and institutions that like them, embrace business strategies that will limit global warming to an increase of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

The analogy I drew is that this is akin to funding and supporting only those seafarers setting off from Palos de la Frontera in the expectation that by sailing west they will next see land in the East Indies. Meanwhile, there are other highly experienced and capable seafarers on the wharf who are going nowhere because they have no backing. These seafarers know that the fully financed fleet which is about to leave and led by fools, is doomed to fail… The stranded unsupported seafarers listened to or sailed with Columbus!


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