Collective Courage

Hello RDA Family 

“During times of psychological warfare, collective courage of conviction will be our strongest weapon” Monica Smit

The first thing I want to say is that everyone’s support somehow makes its way into my 3.5 x 3m cell. Knowing you’re all out there keeping the flame of democracy alive gives me strength and peace. 

I have thought a lot about our ancestors who were thrown into concrete rooms, tortured and even killed for what they stood for. 

Our fight for freedom is child’s play compared to theirs. You and I know we’re in a bloodless war, called psychological warfare. Our sacrifice might not be of the flesh, but more so of the mind. The way we will win is by keeping our minds strong, hopeful and positive. If we let them crush our soul or make us feel defeated, we’ll surely fail. Our number one weapon is courage of conviction, never forget that. 

I don’t want sympathy or praise; all I want is to somehow inspire others to reach inside and find their inner strength and conviction. Don’t compare your strength to others, remember we’re all unique with different abilities, characters and most importantly, states-in-life. Deep down, we all know what we’re capable of, all I ask is for you to explore that. According to your lifestyle, profession, and character…find a little more strength. Maybe tell your neighbour what you really think or stand up to your boss…learn to say no. 

Maybe you’re in a position of influence and need a nudge to speak up…maybe this is that nudge?

I wasn’t always like this. I had to find my strength the same way I’m asking you to. Once you start, you’ll never look back. It’s truly empowering to learn what you’re capable of. I can almost guarantee you’ll be happier and more fulfilled than you’ve ever been. 

I don’t want to live the rest of my life in a country like this…do you?

I’ll leave on this final quote

If not now, when?

If not you, who? 

A message to you from Cell 22 (Monica Smit) 

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  1. The government is getting employers to do their dirty work. I always thought “Stay in business, Be Covid Safe” sounded like a threat. Hopefully, other influential persons will see the injustice here.

  2. Today I watched a video on Utube about a nurse sitting in a park
    with her dog. She is about to lose her job because of “no jab, no job”.
    If you can get Utube, look up “Nessie Wendy”, it is a must watch.

  3. Hi Monica, and RDA family.
    We are so proud of you to stand up and encourage the rest of us. We’re from all over, as you know. If I were in any city, I would be out there peacefully marching and exercising my human rights to freedom, with my brothers and sisters. I live in FNQ, remotely.
    We can all do something. I sent the publication “Business Guide” to the secretary of our town’s Chamber of Commerce, asking her to distribute it to her members. Pending the reply, I will go shop to shop handing the flyer out.
    I have witnessed one shop keeper being very upset that an old gentleman refused to scan or sign in, great division and great tension is part of the psychological war the elites are waging on us. We need to find a way to widely inform everyone about their rights, and if we all act locally, maybe like that, then we may have a chance to stop the tyrannical tracking and social credits program, currently masquerading as a COVID passport, (is it anything but actually, as most of the family know).
    Thanks again for your efforts.
    Remember; “Society will not fall from war or disease, society will fall from tyranny which brings about mass psychosis against the people”, Carl Jung. He describes how this would, (is), being achieved, “from wave after wave of brutal oppression, only backing off slightly between waves, each wave more brutal than the last, until the society is psychotic and no longer remembers what it was”. Jung described this 70 years ago, and we have seen it in many countries since, now it comes to Australia. So the fight is on for our collective well being, where we now see people happy and even joyous, to be able to sit in a park with 5 people, as long as they have all taken the poison, this is psychotic.
    Kind Regards,

  4. Congratulations Monica on standing strong against tyranny. You are indeed an inspirational young woman. Our prayer group prayed a lot for you while you were in custody, that you would be kept safe and in good spirits. Seems God answered our prayers! Freedom is priceless but history teaches sometimes it is given through pain and loss. I can’t help but wonder why our government which we elected is cow towing to the New World Order which is elected by no-one? We will get what we allow, so like you, we must all stand up and not allow! Stay strong.